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Why can't I find Couples Massage Workshops on Google?

First, if you have found this blog post - Congratulations!

This is probably one of my least serious posts, massage wise, but it does speak to a larger worldwide problem, which is the domination of the online universe by basically 1 - 3 companies, principally Google, Facebook and Apple And the advertising world is at their whim. This briefly chronicles the difficulties and challenges I have had this past 10 days simply trying to get my couples workshops ads to run Ads that have been running for 2 or more years were flagged for censorship Try as I might, I have been working day and night to figure out what Google finds objectionable (s****ally ex***cit) about these phrases What makes it even more frustrating is that many of these phrases - Google itself is suggesting to make the ads better. More frustrating still is that when I put them in the ad strength goes from poor to excellent, yet the ads get disapproved. So now I am stuck with an ad rated as "poor" and does not read very well simply to get it to run So here are some of the terms they rejected.

"fun date night activity"
"learn equipment basics and professional techniques from a licensed professional"
"Couples Massage Workshop" (Couples Massage Class was allowed)
"read what others say"
"learn more"
"therapeutic workshops for couple"

There were hundreds of combinations, all rejected, but I won't post them all, you get the idea.
In any event, I do offer number of wonderful couples massage workshops. Most of the workshops are private and can be done in my studio or in home. On occasion, I do offer group workshops at a lower cost. The workshop topis generally fall into 3 categories:

Therapeutic touch
Intimate Touch
Hawaiian Healing (Lomi Lomi)

If you have an interest in any of these workshops or wold like to learn more, you may visit the workshop pagehere. If you would like to schedule a complimentary Zoom call, simply go here

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