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Why do we need such long hours for entry level massage?

"Effective July 1, 2011, the U. S. Department of Education will require institutions offering vocational training programs to apply new formulas in converting clock hours to credit-hour equivalencies. Undergraduate programs which meet the Department’s definition of “clock hour programs” must use the new clock-to-credit hour conversion. (For the definition of “clock hour programs” see 34CRF §668.8(k) and for clock to credit hour conversion details, please read Federal Register, October 29, 2010, §668.8(l)(2) Eligible Program.) Under these new conversion formulas, programs that are 720 clock hours in length, for example, will no longer be eligible for 24 semester credits of Federal Title IV, HEA student financial aid. Only programs that are 900 clock hours in length will be eligible for this amount of aid. The new formulas given below and related regulations will be used in determining program eligibility for financial aid...."

Now the push to costly long hour programs becomes a lot  clearer. Why push on the state level for long hours of education (most of which will never be used in many therapist's professional life) that will cost so much and add time before getting a job. It is about using public funding to enlarge the student base. The rules are made for all educational programs. Not just massage or even health care.  The bar gets raised to exclude limited education curricula so the hours (needed or not) go up to keep the tax dollars fueling the schools. A never ending cycle.

At least this is how I see it.

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Comment by Joseph W Palmer on February 27, 2012 at 2:14pm

The other issue in all of this is Schools requiring long interships.  They are not only doing it for public funding as you point out but also making a fortune off of the back of their students who are providing free labor.  The only upside perhaps is that it weeds out the transitory therapists in favor of those for whom this is their passion.

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