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Hi Everybody!

I'm trying to build the chair massage aspect of my business.  I also am trained in prenatal so I know how to modify for clients that are expecting.  Any suggestions on on how to go about handling this?  Pretty simple solution if it's just me at a site and there is some privacy but how to handle with multiple therapist?  It's one of those weird situations  where you don't want to have HIPAA violations but you want to make sure massage is safe for mom and baby?  And what if an employer doesn't know the women is pregnant yet?  Sometimes it's obvious who is pregnant but sometimes it's not!

One idea I came up with is to have a top sheet on the sign up saying something like "If you are expecting, request Therapist 1 or 3 do your massage".   Then I was thinking of having a waiver with each prenatal therapist that list conditions that would be contraindicated? 

Any suggestions?

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Uhm, I'm not sure what your concern is with HIPAA violations? Unless the pregnant client is extraordinarily unhealthy. Your only concern should be her comfort.
On your menu, list pregnancy massage as one of the specialties you might offer, like you would, as an example, deep tissue, or lymphatic drainage.
If the therapists feel uncomfortable with pregnancy massage, for whatever reason, then that option won't be available for the client at that time. They can schedule when a therapist is available for pregnancy massage.

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