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Every profession needs a proper dress code to get identified separately.
Massage therapy businesses are no exception, as medical offices and
massage clinics are employing therapists. The type of uniform required,
if any, is often dictated by the type of business setting.

  • A massage therapist cloths must loose, allow free move and and comfortable.
  • Medical or chiropractic offices that employ massage therapists may ask that scrubs be used as the work uniform.
  • Massage clinics, including Massage Envy, often require employees wear a shirt bearing the company logo, whether they are working on clients or
    the front desk.
  • In a private practice, the massage therapist may wear whatever clothing is deemed appropriate. This gives the greatest amount of flexibility and freedom to the therapist.

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I wear jeans with a scrub shirt and crocs, that's my uniform, I have a private practice, I don't want to ruin my regular clothes with oil, happened to me before.
Im private practice, and I wear loose cotton gym shorts (black) and cotton tees (various solid muted colors) and black crocs. im very comfortable and easy to wash.
i don't see a question or even topic of discussion. i did see however the link to Neil's site so I'm wondering if that was the purpose. if so...i'd much rather threads like this not exist since it seems like it's just a way of marketing one's self instead of participating in discussion. just my .02

Samantha J. Bennett said:
Maybe you should start a group ? I never see any questions or anything asked- just info here posted on the forum. Might be better for ya to start a group with all your input on stuff- instead of posting things on here that allow others questions to get knocked further down on the list? Just an idea. tc
Sven always looks good :)
At my place I wear scrubs or Tshirt and slacks in winter. In summer the rooms are very warm and I sweat ao I wear althetic microfiber pants or knee length shorts and microfiber shirt. I stay color and sweat doesn't show. As for footwear I prefer socks or barefeet. Sometimes you knead an assist from your foot or knee, lol.

If you go with a uniform make sure it fits right and provides for ease of movement. Some modalities may require looser clothes for movement than others or shorts because of leg with oil contact.
Samantha- You come with right idea as, this can be done and it will worth to have some group that will be helpful for those who can put their questions and even get some better answers too that will be worth the discussion.

hmmm... dress code... yoga pants,comfortable t-shirt, birkenstock sandals. Works for my private practice and the spa I work in. Most of the time dressed in black, the only color that "hides' oil stains.
In my private practice, I wear loose, flowing pants, and t-shirts that have my business logo printed on them. For shoes, I wear driving moccassins or other shoes I can slip off easily - sometimes the foot is the best tool for the task at hand.
wow this is awesome! I'll buy two or three of those t-shirts!

Jodi Hardee said:
I'm posting this link because the "Life is Good" t-shirts with the massage therapy design are difficult to find. (They have many designs to choose from and each one always puts a smile on my face). You can purchase them online from Full Circle Bodyworks. These are great to wear outside of the office or for lounging.

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