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Do you use energy medicine?  Are you a healer?  How do you view healing and energy work?  Do you see energy as a medium for healing?  Please assist a good friend of mine with this project and complete the quick survey below for some work on her Ph.D.


Even if you dissagree, please share your thoughts on this survey, please  ;) 


Energy Medicine: Hypotheses


Kris Kelley

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Already responded, will the responses be presented later in any format? Any statistical data being organized from the data?

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and love using energy work as a compliment to my massage and on it's own. I think energy work is most certainly a wonderful medium for healing. It is true that the effect that Reiki has on people is unpredictable but so is every other modality. Nothing we do as body workers is 100% full proof and/or predictable. Reiki is subtle, non invasive and works the most basic aspect of our health = life force energy.

I have had healing experiences both on the giving and receiving end of Reiki and other forms of energy work. I have studied the energy system for years and know that by learning to manage my energy and learning to work energy in general I have gained very much in health, state of mind/being, and the physical experience I have in my body and in working with others. Everything is energy. When we learn this, and we learn how to use it, we have opened a wonderful door.

i've done many forms of it, don't really use it anymore as i treat back and body pain, and energy work just doesn't cut it for that.


but yes, we are mind and body, and i'm all for healing the soul. in my practice, i get paid to treat the body and the love is free.  i think if you've ever been so lucky to experience love in your life, you have no choice but to pass it on to a receptive soul. 

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