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Excited Scared Anxious Worried Happy Newbie Here

I just wanted to say hello as a new person to this site. Im 42 as of June 16th and getting ready to start school to be a massage therapist. Never ever saw myself going in this direction which scares me. Ive always been self employed and always struggled. Wasnt till someone dear to me decided to become a massage therapist that i saw such an awesome opportunity to help others. Its funny how God uses people in your life. When they decided to go to school for MT i wasnt for it, didnt like it, and didnt support her. Yet i watched her determination, excitement, and she has inspired me. As scary as it to start school in a few weeks for this its exciting. Part of me knows i can do this because im dont know the meaning of the words give up, and the other part of me is terrified because its something so new and drastic from other businesses i have had in life. I was very worried to start with because i read 85% of MT are women, i know in the class im taking for MT i will be the only male in there which is scary again lol. I found this site this morning and have read stuff on here all day and it has all been a blessing to ready and learn. God has blessed me with this opportunity and i will expect no less from me in this profession than he expects of me. I guess with that said i have a few questions... When the new MT have just got out of school did any of them open there own place immediately or work for someone else? I guess im just trying get glimpses of this awesome wonderful new world im about to become a part of.... Look forward to hearing from many of u i hope...... If any of you have questions for me please ask...... God Bless, David

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Hi, David!  Welcome to the wonderful world of massage.  I started school at the ripe old age of 49!  Best thing I ever did.  Three of my instructors in school were males and are the busiest MT's I know.  Don't let that discourage you.  I opened my own practice right out of school, after I passed the exam of course.  I knew if I were going to make a career change that I wanted it to be a career that I could either work from home or own my own business.  I do both with my practice.  Good luck!


I switched gears when I was almost 40 to go to massage school. I believe you can do anything you want to do if you put forth the effort! I spent 5 years working as an instructor and the administrator at the school I attended, and then struck out to open my own business. Seven and a half years later, I have expanded to have 6 full-time MTs, a couple of part-timers, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, an aesthetic RN and a clinical herbalist on my staff. Massage has been the best thing that ever happened to me in my work life.


I have a male Rolfer on my staff and in that past have had other males. They made a good living! It's all about being professional and giving people good service. Be the best you can be and the word will get around!


I've always made a living being a male massage therapist...However, it is easier if you are female...I have no doubt on that.  Yea you can do it...However it takes more drive and determination if you are male.  I can give many examples.. I remember many years ago when I worked at the Intercontinental Hotel on Maui...Only two massage therapists during the day..One female(an attractive blond lady), the other me... Well  someone would stick their head in the door...see me, and see her...The males picked her over me all the time...The females picked her over me all the time...She would give 7 hours of massage a day..I would give one hour of massage a day... lol....So after a couple of weeks...I quit..Moved on...Im very successful now... But just know it will be challenging at times..But its certainly a rewarding profession.
Hey thanks for replying all who have. It means more than you know. I cant describe the feeling i have about this. Its like a peaceful anxiety. Im excited but this almost literally makes my stomach upset because its so so out of the box for me. God is good and blessing me and im excited for that. I know i will have hurdles. Im a person who dont know a stranger and cant get along with almost anyone. Im not very worried about the personality part as i believe i will do great in that. I already have visions of my place and what i think id like. What population size is your business in and do u think it makes alot of difference in the area around you. I live in a town of about 9000 i know the economy isnt great and money is tight. Should i take that into consideration when deciding where to establish my business. Do you get many referrals out of the medical field or is it mostly word of mouth and walk ins??? Thanks in advance for replying, David



Hi David!


Let's see...I was 37 when I went to school. 


Had a full time job at the time that paid very well, and I was happy, so I grew my business slowly.  As a male outcall therapist it did take some time.  I was fortunate that the retail business I was in at the time I got to know a lot of people!   


In my humble opinion, be mature, keep a positive up-beat attitude and DO something everyday to attract clients. 




David! Welcome my brother!

I went to a spa fresh out of school and met the busiest massage therapist i have ever met to date.. HIS name was Juan and he was 72! He had been practicing for only 5 years as a therapist, before that he was a gardener! So, i'm telling you this cuz you obviously are in need of support and confidence. You CAN totally do this and be VERY sucessful at it.

Pay attention in class, practice your heart out on everyone, and never sell yourself short, even as a newbie. Take continuing education classes online and home study, NOW! Yes, do it now and you will be a step ahead. I did this and was significantly impressed by my learning curve over my peers. Just a tidbit of advice thrown in there, couldn't help myself!

Blessing to you!! 

I see alot of ce stuff on the net.... Being totally fresh to this whats is the best beginner classes to take and where is the best site to take them from on the net. How do i know they will actually count toward me ce credits... Id love to statrt taking some basic stuff now and be ahead of the game come first day of class on june 5th...
One other thing I thought of that helped me tremendously when I was in school - get alot of massages!  I know it can add up money-wise but it was the best investment I made in my education.  I made appointments with as many local MT's as I could afford but at least one per month.   All the textbooks and classroom teaching can't compare to a hands-on massage with an experienced therapist.  I learned so much plus it helped with all the stress I was dealing with from working full-time, attending school 3 nights a week and every other weekend!
Im in an accelerated class 660 hrs in 6 months... 8:30-3:00 5 days a week... So in 6 months ive graduated.....

Wow David!  Hang on to your socks!  That is going to be quite a ride.  I did 635 hours in 11 months and it was good but at times a lot.  


About the CE stuff - most really good courses will tell you up front that they are so many CE hours and what certifications they apply to.


Gotta run, got 2 clients coming back to back but will post some more thoughts when I have some time.

Yea its going to be a wild ride.... I have 2 very dear friends  that has went through this from Jan 5 and graduate June 23rd... This is gonna be tough but its gonna be awesome.... I cant wait to do some disaster work, ministry work, and even charity work.... I put it all in gods hands and hes gonna make it big for me... Im ready....Ive lived my life up till now for me and in my way... Im ready to live it for others now... Got lucky and got a scholarship for the course fees now im just trying to save up enough for the books... yikes lol.... Hard to find used course books.... I enjoy talking to everyone on here..... Thanks to everyone for welcoming me into this community... God Bless

David, just remember that this is really hard work and do not sell yourself short.  It's one thing to be compassionate and giving and another to be a martyr!  Be careful that you don't find yourself sacrificing you for the benefit of others.  Not trying to tell you what to do as much as say "Don't do what I did when I started"!


The people you touch (literally) will be truly grateful!  You will make a big difference.


Oh, and follow the flow you feel to be right.  Putting it in God's hands it sounds like you are ready to do that but when you follow the path that is the "brightest" you will really succeed.  Not sure I'm clearly expressing what I want to so hopefully you can figure it out!!

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