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From Dr. Fulford's book, 'Touch of Life': "A universal law can be explained by three words: Give and Regive. I give my services to my patients and they return to me their gratitude. I've received thousands of letters from former patients thanking me for my time and their good health."


Have you ever received a thank you or a testimonial letter out of the blue?  How about when a prospective client calls and says ‘so-and-so’ referred her and continues on for five minutes ranting about how she now needs a massage because she heard you are so marvelous?  Isn’t that exciting???


Sure, we need to ask for testimonials.  But you know what?


When thank you letters and testimonials and word of mouth advertising just arrives out of the blue…THAT’S when you know you’ve touched someone’s life, not just their body during a massage.


When has this happened to you?  What is your most memorable experience when a client ‘gave back to you’ in one way or another?



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Hi Kris ! Yes, several months ago was my first one, the client has MS and the session she received was Thai bodywork on the table, and she continues to come to me. Ive been blessed for this client. All it took was her telling me how much better she felt. She did send me a card,of gratitude and my heart just warmed with gratefullness. Man its a great feeling one that you just do not forget.



Thanks Travis!


Yes, I received a 'thank you' card and it made all the difference  ;)




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