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I have discovered a set of hands on procedures, that I’m now calling, Holographic Acupressure. These procedures are truly revolutionary in scope and capabilities. Not only can you release almost any muscle you want painlessly and instantly, which is significant when it comes to Myofascial pain syndrome, and trigger points( 85% of all pain ). It’s also significant to seemingly unrelated problems such as Gastroesophageal reflux disease, otherwise known as Acid reflux, or chronic heartburn. It’s often times a problem of the LES muscle, as stated in the link below.

Read the statistics on GERD as well as my recent testimonial in the attachments below.

I’m starting to think about the best way to get my Holographic Acupressure out to the world. Any suggestions?

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Here is an example of a Holographic Acupressure session. The video was made on her 5th and final session. She was no longer sympathetic, but on palpation she still had some tender areas( latent trigger points ). And that’s what you see being eliminated in the video. When She first came in, her back was really hurting. Usually in one to five short sessions it’s over. This last session lasted less then five minutes.
One interesting aspect of the therapy is that not only can it eliminate myofascial pain, it can also eliminate the tickles( as seen in the video), and pathologies such as Gastroesophogial Reflux Disease( GERD ).
I may change the name of the therapy to, Pain Control Matrix( PCM ). I like that better.
In the attachment is a flow chart of the working concepts of The Pain Control Matrix.
What I like about the Pain Control Matrix, that I’ve discovered, are the many options it provides, when it comes to eliminating myofascial pain. I know longer have to dig on damaged tissue. I have a dozen to two dozen different release areas for any given trigger point. The releases are instant. Reflex speed. And the release area is far distal from the actual site of pain itself.
How many of you have had clients/patients with upper trapezius trigger points? Probably all of you. It’s almost universal. How do you personally eliminate an upper Trapezius trigger point? I’m going to show you thee different examples of how the Pain Control Matrix eliminates an upper Trapezius trigger point. There are dozens more.
I’m also going to include an example of how Leon Chaitow, who is considered by many to be the worlds leading authority on trigger points, and how he releases an upper Trapezius trigger point, which is considered leading edge. He teaches and lectures all over the world.
The first video is his. The other three are are examples of The Pain Control Matrix, formally called Holographic Acupressure. Nothing against Dr. Chaitow or anyone else that teaches trigger point work. All those techniques were good in their day. But things are changing. There are faster, efficient and more effective ways now. Observe the difference.
Here is Dr. Chaitow s video.

The following three are examples of The Pain Control Matrix eliminating the very same trigger point.
I’ve revised my graphic that outlines the description of The Pain Control Matrix. I’ve added the Brain Humunculus. It plays an important part in The Pain Control Matrix System. We see our bodies one way, the brain sees it another way. Recently in my career, I’ve begun to realize how important the Brain Humunculus can be when it comes to any type bodywork. Certain areas of the body have a greater influence on the brain then others. For instance the hands. I will include a graphic of the Brain Humunculus in one of the attachments below.
I will also attach an example of a treatment note so some of you can get ideas on that subject. Generally all my work is trigger point work, so it may look different then other treatment notes? I’m not sure? Treatment notes were one of my big worries about working in a medical environment. But I’m over that now.
Whoops. Forgot to add the Humunculus. It’s in the attachment below. It’s interesting. Regardless of the intensions of your bodywork( relaxation or pain elimination ), it’s worth thinking about, I think?
Here is a concept I integrate into The Pain Controle Matrix that you can play around with, that I think you will find interesting?
I call it....” Like Treats Like.”...... Here is my video demonstrating that concept on a real live patient.

Here is someone else explaining their version of “Like treats Like.”
Same thing really, from a different perspective.
Utilizing my new Holographic Acupressure/Pain Control Matrix procedures, I’ve discovered a new release for the Piriformis muscle. I haven’t used this particular release often enough to know the exact location of the release vector until now. I figured it out in this video. This is cool. It’s a mind freak. Check it out.

As I stated earlier, the Humunculus plays a part in the effectiveness of the procedures. So I will post another Humunculus in the attachment.
I’ve noticed that a lot of educators have come in here to advertise their trainings , systems, and classes. That’s kinda what I’m doing with this particular thread. I’m not quite ready or set up to teach yet. I still have a little learning and organizing to do in order for that to happen. I anticipate that happening sometime next year.
But what I’ve discovered, and what I want to teach, has never been taught before, and is truly revolutionary. It is fast instantaneous pain relief. And it is repeatable. Of course it won’t work on everyone. But it works for most. And it doesn’t matter what they have been told, or how long they have had their pain. About 80% of the clients/ patients that walk into your office with pain, will be noticeably better if not out right pain free within one to eight short sessions. The sessions usually last 15 minuets or less up to a half hour. Usually, within one to four sessions you will know if you are helping someone or not. Their is no ripping off insurance companies or people of their money.
I’ve been in the field for 30 years. This is breakthrough bodywork when it comes to pain elimination. It is revolutionary. If you have read this thread and watched the videos, you should realize that. These techniques and procedures got me hired by an anesthesiologist. I demonstrated my techniques live in front of him twice, on two separate patients on two separate occasions.
What I’m doing, freaks and amazes me out, let alone the patients. You can do the same thing. When I’m organized and ready to teach, I will let everyone know.
What I’ve discovered and developed is revolutionary. I’ve tried to show and express that on this thread. It is truly revolutionary in effect and efficiency compared to other modalities. Now that’s not to say other modalities don’t work. They all do, especially if done by a skilled practitioner( Massage therapists, Rolfers, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors. Osteopaths). But, I have never seen or experienced in my thirty years of being a bodyworker, anything as fast and effective as The Pain Control Matrix, when it comes to helping those out of pain.
Im going to post a couple more videos that give a visual of what I’m saying. It’s going to give a good companion in approach and treatment of low back pain, between Myofascial Release, which is considered standard effective treatment for muscular pain, and that of the Pain Controle Matrix. The person doing the Myofascial Release is I’m sure a skilled therapist that gets good results with his work. But still......It’s The Pain Control Matrix all the way. The first video is the Myofascial Release. The second video is me using The Pain Control Matrix procedures on a real patient. You will notice that I re-palpate the painful palpatory areas after treatment. I would watch the entire Myofascial Release video in its entirety, because it is educational and effective, and effectively demonstrates the differences between the two approaches.

Myofascial Release method for low back pain.

The Pain Control Matrix method for low back pain.

Holographic Acupressure/Pain Control Matrix, is a powerful therapy.  Often bringing near immediate results.  Here is a recent example.  And there have been several.  The sessions were done two consecutive days in a row.  

Her original pain level was an 8/10.  Visibly hurting.  After her second session the following day there was dramatic improvement.  She got up off the table, after only 15 minuets a 2/10 !

Needless to say she was ecstatic.  

In the attachments below are her treatment notes for each session.  Names and dates are blocked out to protect privacy. 


When I tell people about Holographic Acupressure they don’t believe me, or they tell me their physical therapist or massage therapist or chiropractor does the same thing.   Well they don’t.   This is not being taught anywhere in the world( yet ).   This is the future of manual medicine.  I’ve been a massage therapist for over thirty years.   And I’m constantly amazed and blown away by its effectiveness.  It’s like magic.   This man is feeling good now.   Listen to his testimonial.  This is so cool.

Hardly a day goes bye that I’m not blown away and amazed at the effectiveness of Holographic Acupressure.  Right next to my treatment room is a phlebotomist room.  It’s sort of a mini office that they headquarter out of to service the entire hospital complex.  Today I heard one of them talking about her back pain.  I walked into the room, introduced myself, and long story short treated her back pain while she was standing up.  A few hours later I got this video testimonial from her.

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