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I saw this great post from Kat Mayerovitch writing as a guest author on the Writing a Blue Streak blog.This part in particular stood out:

"The best way to compete is to not be in competition. You win at your game, and they win at their game. Everybody gets what they want."

What do you think? The full post is at

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I think the author is spot on with a lot of her observations. A lot of independent MTs need to realize that the ME/Elements of the world have more money/structure to compete one on one. They will never win if they are bound and determined to "beat" ME/Elements at their own game. Chains can offer the same XYZ experience in every location in every state. However, the independent can give the client an experience that is uniquely theirs and theirs alone. That is our strength and we need to focus on that.

This is an excellent, balanced, sane article about this topic!  She advocates proceeding based on research and data rather than emotion - this, I like!

I like Joyce's comment that we need to focus on our strength/s.  When we do that, we aren't worried about what other therapists or franchises are doing.  And, it's reflected in the work we do.  We provide a much better experience for our clients that way.

Spot on!

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