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One would think this would be as easy as just checking Craigslist, but I'm having trouble.

Right now I'm doing home visits, while my business starts to build. I desperately want my own space, but I can't find one I can afford or it has restrictions. There is one center that rents by the hour, but it's in an area far away from me.

So, I'm in the classic chicken or the egg situation. I need a studio to build my practice and provide services I can't with a home visit, yet I can't afford the huge overhead by myself. Having my own space would be good, since I've even had potential clients balk at the idea of me coming to their homes. I've been searching for other MTs to share space,but haven't found anyone that wants to or has anything affordable.

While I have the space at home, I don't think creating a studio at home would be practical.My house has only one entrance and bath.  Unless someone has some success stories they could share.

Does anyone have any suggestions of where I should look or something I may have missed that might be a good solution?

Thanks in advance!

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Apart from looking for MTs to share space with, I would reach out to PTs as well.  When I started out I rented a room in a PTs office - worked out very well.  I was there for 3 years until I moved on to a bigger location.  I would also check with chiros as well as acupuncturists, health food stores or any like-minded, complementary small business.  

One thing also to keep in mind is that, with rare exceptions, housecall clients generally don't transition into being office clients.  Once you establish your office, should you decide to stop doing housecalls, be prepared to have most if not all of those clients move on to a new therapist (one who is still doing housecalls).  

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