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I was wondering if any one had clarity on the above title?

Can a room be used for both facials and for massage?

and does any one have links to lead me to the answers?

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Uhm, I work in a spa in Alaska.  And we do massages and facials sometimes in the same rooms.  Just check your local laws.  Bathrooms, sinks and such often have to be within a certain area and so on.  Perhaps call your licensing board and ask them.

I called this morning thank you so very much. I was looking to try to have an answer yesterday and the office was closed at that time. Thank you again!

While we don't have any volunteers that come specifically from a facial background, I personally get facials once a quarter. The lady I go to performs massages in the same room on the same table. We also have volunteers that have worked in spa/massage type environments, where both are offered. If you find a link I'd love to read more authoritative guidance on it.

You would need to check with the state board of massage therapy and the state board of cosmetology for your state. :)

You could check with the 

Board of Registration of Massage Therapy - Mass.Gov
Here's the Massachusetts Cosmetology Board link: 

Board of Registration of Cosmetologists - Mass.Gov
In Texas, for example, a massage therapist and a cosmetologist can share the same room if all of the requirements are met for both professions. For the cosmetologist (1) there can be no carpeting on the floor and (2) there has to be hot and cold running water in the room, and (3) certain sanitation requirements must be met. Since you are in Massachusetts, I would suggest contacting your state boards and getting the answers in writing before proceeding.

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