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Looking to network with other NJ Licensed Massage Therapists


I'm looking to join with a group of local massage therapists in the State of NJ. I'm a recent grad who is licensed in the State and interested in the clinical aspect of massage. Ideally, I'd like to network with others in the field, learn how they got started and share resources and contacts. 

I specialize in migraines, TMJ, sciatica and back pain and utilize modalities such as Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy and Hot Stone to yield optimal results.

Looking forward to networking with you!


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You might get better results for networking by going to ABMP or AMTA sites and looking up members that are in your area. A quick search on ABMP listed about 25 members that live or practice within five miles of me. You could then contact them directly, almost all of the listings had an email contact.


Thanks for your response! Where do I do a search on either of those websites please?



Here you can find members of their respective organizations by location. If you are not a member of either professional organization, you should be IMO. 



Hi Rachel, My name is Angela and I own a Massage business in Princeton, NJ, if you are ever looking for extra hours of work I'd like to speak with you. I'm looking to meet Therapists and network as well.Thanks

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