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Why do we live in a world where it is hard to convince people that massage is just not for rubbing people with oils and lotions

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The reality is that Massage is the best of all physical modalities for pain...I have no doubt on that..Lately Ive  helped so many people with problems(pain) that they have had for years..Its sad, but a lot of people view massage as a luxury..not as one, if not the best, healing modality out there.



Perception IS reality.


This is what we've 'sold' the public for years. 


If you do something different than 'just rubbing people with oils and lotions,' market yourself that way to specific target markets.  I target these individual groups; some want a relaxing therapeutic massage, some are looking for sports massage or orthopedic style massage. 


We can't hope to 'change the industry' or 'change the general populations perception of us' if we don't know what we're doing, first.  I mean, look at our own industry.  We have the woo woo crew battling with the evidence-based therapists. 


We can discuss this further if you'd like, but for right now I'm off to host a massage CE seminar and deliver a bunch of massage gift certificates!




Yea the kiss( Keep It Simple Stupid) method works good for me... lol

I have been asking this to myself for a while but one day this guy really made me want to ask the question. I do some volunteering in my area at athletic events ( 5k, half marathons, duathlons etc.) I went to visit a running store here in town ( to show my face), we refer people to each other and i also work on just about everyone in the store.  And it was a guy in there who I have worked a few times at these events. They were asking him about some training he had done on this really rough terrain. They asked him had he come to see me yet for some massag work, he said " I havent done anything worthy of a massage" . I thought dude, you are an athlete massage work would benefit you very much. But i could tell in his mind he was thinking, massage in the up most relaxtion way. Not in a since that it could benefit him.

Unfortunately, society has in the past classified us within a stereotype of negativity. We as a group have come a long way in the past 10 years to enlightening the public to the many benifits of massage, as well as other eastern modalities. I think the easiest way to show people what we are truly about is to give them a phone book and ask them to look up a massage therapist. Now, ask them if they found it under "Entertainment"? No? Oh yesss! we are now listed with the medical proffessionals. Because that is what we do and who we are. Simple enough. :) 
Well, most people just dont know how healing a massage can be, especially in the hands of someone with experience.  People just dont know....Everyone is culturally conditioned...  Not to know.
All you can do is "be the change"....with lax educational requirements and city/state requirements there has been room for people who give the industry a bad name. Be a professional, educated and compassionate therapist that helps give massage therapy the recognition it deserves. I think we all agree in this thread that massage, in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle choices, is one of the best ways to keep the body, mind and spirit in tip top shape.

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