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You may have heard this from me before, but if you are using other therapists to help you staff a chair massage event, you have taken on the role of a "general contractor" and the therapists become your "sub contractor". Accordingly, the General Contractor must carry General Liabiilty insurance covering the actions of its subcontractors (and your ABMP/AMTA covers ONLY you), and must provide Workers Compensation coverage for any sub-contractor that cannot provide proof of their own insurance.

I was reminded of this today when our new client -- a major retailer hiring us for a convention -- stated with the signed contract

"Relax and Relaxation (company), carry appropriate liability insurance as well as workers compensation insurance in statutory amounts and not the technicians/therapists"

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If thats the case, I wouldn't even bother with an event like that..  And all this talk about insurance?  Massage is not dangerous..Its healing.. Unless you are a freakin Trogladite and abuse your clients?  For me personally, when I work on somebody the worst thing that can happen is nothing.  Gosh its hard to believe..very sad.

Workers Comp has nothing to do with MTs injuring clients, it has to do with MTs injuring themselves.


Lift your chair the wrong way, out goes your back. Use poor body mechanics and you develop RSD ailments, few of which are truly diagnosable or treatable.  No reason your client should pay for lost income for one of y our subcontractors because they dozed through their body mechanics class or decided against buying a case with wheels for their massage chair.

Yea...You right.. I read that wrong..   I dont know?   Ive hurt mysellf while working..  But it was always my fault.. I never filed a work comp...

Maybe  should have hired you instead of the two employees I have had who filed WC for "repetitive stress disorder" from averaging 2 massages a day...

Gosh, thats terrible...In the first place massage is the best modalty for repetitive stress injuies.. If you can't fix yourself of that issue, you dont know your job.  Where I work, someone or almost everyone is suffering from some degree of repetitive stress injury.. Im doing six hours work a day.. My right little finger has trigger finger, and my left hand has been going numb..   I upped my self massage and stretching  the last few days and its getting better..and we massage each other.. been there done that many times.   I would not file a work comp unless maybe it was completely non massage related.. like part of the ceiling falling on me or something?   

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