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About 4 months ago I had a client tell me that my music wasn't great (new age) aka massage music. He said he liked smooth jazz. I had a few CDs so I put it on my MP3. I have been playing it all week and all my clients said they liked the play selection. So now I am tempted to find more Jazz music. Anyone else experience anything similar to this?

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I don't have a similar experience but I have some thoughts on music!


I'd recommend Steve Cole and Dave Koz for saxophone.  They both have some great stuff.  For guitar try Russ Freeman and Craig Chaquico's From the Redwoods to the Rockies.  Also, it's not really jazz but try Ryan Farish.  His music is sort of new age and sort of electronic and it's fantastic.  All of my clients like it.


I also have Pandora One and find new music that way.  I've found some excellent artists (including Ryan Farish)!

Hmm...Just an idea. Most  basic cable tv services have a music channel, with Smooth Jazz, Classical, New Age, Hip Hop and so on.. It would be a cost of the basic cable every month..But then your clients could easily pick their type of music..And its none stop with no commercials...
In my treatment room I have an ipod filled with a wide variety of music, set on shuffle. Jazz, New Age, World Music, etc, etc. The variety keeps me from becoming too bored. If a selection irritates someone, I know that the next song will be different. My clients all seem to like the diversity of music that they hear. And I don't become comatose with endless massage music.

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