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Hi All:

I wondered if anyone out there could recommend a Thai massage mat for me. Originally I was going to get the kit from Massage Warehouse, but read the reviews that many felt the length should be longer.

This mat will be my one and only, so I want to get best bang for my buck. I need it to be somewhat lightweight (the goal is to stop using the table for on location and strictly do Thai) and can easily fit in the trunk of a semi compact car, but still be thick enough that clients aren't uncomfortable.

And of course, affordable.

Does such a mat even exist?

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I bought a Thai massage mat for about $170 that was very comfortable and it was big. I guess 4 ft by 6 feet?, but I wouldn't call it lightweight. If you attached straps to it, you could maybe carry it on your back.  I had to roll it up like a sleeping bag, so that was awkward and kind of difficult for me. About a month after I bought it, it was destroyed in a house fire so I can't really give you any more details.

Great question...any updates???

Thai massage should be filled with 3" untreated cotton batting, which provides a firm but comfortable work surface for Thai massage and 54" mats is best for stationary use.

These are the kind I use. They are very comfy. They make a double size version that is better suited for Thai. But majority of the Thai I do do is outcalled based and this smaller one fits my needs.

Jake Walker LMT

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