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I am a recent grad of NMTI, in Falls Church, VA.  I have had little experience working as a MT.  My family just relocated to PA, north of Philly.  Looking for any advise about working as a MT in PA.  Will be looking for pat-time work soon.  I do havve my nat'l certification, but unsure about current state requirements.  I had read that new regulations would be in effect as of 10/15.

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Hi Sherry,

You came to PA at a very interesting time. There is a lot happening with the licensure that passed 2 years ago and the final regulations are still being worked out. There are license applications available on the PA website, but I am personally going to wait until final regulations are in place before beginning the licensing process. Since you are nationally certified, you should be able to get a license without a problem. As for the moment, you can probably go out and get a job whenever you are ready, but stay tuned to the PA website for information as it becomes available.


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