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Hello massage community,

Work has been slow at the office lately, so I am wanting to venture out into the community a little more doing on-site chair massage for local businesses.  For those of you who have done this, what are some affective ways of proposing your services to them?

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Also, I was wondering what kinds of businesses (ie. realty companies, call centers, etc) tend to respond best to having on-site chair massage.

Anyplace there are people is good for chair massage. I have had a growing corporate massage business for 13 years
Markets, malls, airports, bus stations, are all good spots. I go to companies to work on employees. In this situation it is important to know your state employment laws. We can point to a consistant 97% drop in soft tissue related workers' comp claims and faster return to full duty.

Thanks.  I too am wanting to work on employees in businesses.  What methods do you use to get in the door- how do you introduce yourself?

hi. i tried this and got some good responses. I would introduce myself as new to the area, and would like to offer complimentary chair massages to your employees. I can set up right here. I take tips. I make a sign in sheet and have them sign in and leave an email address. I printed out a liabilty sheet and after the event, i emailed everyone on my sign in sheet to expect to be sore,its normal when working on scar tissue and old injuries, then i have a self massage technique attachment. Hopefully you have business cards also to pass out. Hope that help. good luck


Keisha brings up a major point in working at a company, liability. This is why I say know your state employment laws and enquire about company policy. Most large companies would prohibit tipping for services allowed on premises. Also here in California nothing precludes employer's liability to an employee. Having been in HR for 30 years helps me with corporations in California. Smaller family businesses would not need to consult other departments and legal staff before letting you work, as they are usually unfamiliar with the laws involved also.

Know something about the company and the person you will meet. Often an initial call can get a lot of info from a receptionist.

When I first read the title of this post I thought you were talking about a marriage proposal during on-site chair massage! Haha :)

Haha Pam.  That is hilarious!  Thanks all for your input.

My experience is thtat I have always found chair massagess way more difficult then regular massages... Im only 5'6" its always felt like I just didnt have the leverage to work on an easy level.. Like on a table... With the chairs Ive always had to use my strength instead of my weight... Just too much work...

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