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Hmm, not much action on this website. I’m hunkered down at home, not working. Trying to avoid this virus thing. 
Anyway, basically all the techniques I utilize are based on neurological reflexes. I’m basically manipulating the nervous system in order to relax painful damaged muscle tissue. And that happens at reflex speed. Which is basically instant. The pain is gone just like that. As fast as flipping a light switch. It’s way cool. 
Here is one of the techniques I utilize. It’s based off of Pfluger’s Law of Symmetry. It doesn’t work all the time but it works often. Now keep in mind. This procedure or technique works only for soft tissue pain not counting ligaments. Ligaments can’t be relaxed. It does however work for tendon pain. 
This technique is drop dead simple.  And when you guys get back to working on clients/patients. After this virus thing.  You can use it right away. 
Here it is. Say for example your patient has a very painful right Serratus Anterior.  You go to the exact same spot on the opposite side of the body and apply a strong stimulus(do not hurt the client)while keeping a finger on the painful area with only enough pressure for your client to know if the pain disappears(In addition, the light pressure acts as a guide for the nervous system). The strong stimulus is usually a twisting firm pressure on the muscle tissue(not the skin). You can watch the videos.  

If it does disappear. Hold everything for 20 seconds. If the pain gets better but still there a little bit. Apply more stimulus to the opposite area or vary your twist vector on the tissue. That usually eliminates the pain. Again hold everything for 20 seconds.  
it’s a way cool mind blowing technique. It will freak your clients out. And you as well. It’s mind blowing. And if it doesn’t work. It only takes a few seconds to fail. Then you can carry as usual. 
Now I can’t teach you the exact feel of things. You will have to learn that yourself. 
Here are a few videos of me utilizing this technique. Watch what I do. Anybody can do this. 
I consider this stuff as high level. The Aikido of soft tissue work. The opposite of Rolfing or deep tissue. Touch somebody where they hurt. Touch them somewhere else. And the pain is gone.  Actually you don’t just touch them somewhere else. That somewhere else has to be firm stimulus that does not hurt the client/patient.

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  1. Here is another example of utilizing Pfluger’s Law Of Symmetry in order to eliminate pain. 
     You May have noticed, another thing that makes this therapy unique is that the assessment, is the treatment.  And that makes things very efficient.

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