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I ordered a massage table for school and shelled out a lot of money for it. I just received it today and opened up the box. It has a rip in the fabric about 2/3 of an inch on the side where you wouldn't be able to see it once it has been folded out into a table. My question is would you return it for a non damaged one, or would you live with it and maybe get a repair kit?

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I’d send that picture off to the supplier and the manufacturer of the table.  See what they say.  That’s not right.  You should be compensated for, or get a new table.  Let us know what they say.  

You really should return it.  This table will likely be with you for another 10 years if you take good care of it.  You don't want to have any of the table integrity compromised if it is not necessary.

Many companies won't accept returned merchandise if they aren't informed of it first.  Many pieces of furniture are easily fixed if you have some idea of what your doing.  They may require you to send it back or they may send you replacement parts.  Depending upon the company policy you might have no choice but to accept there decision.  By all means, take pictures and tell the company.

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