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There previously was a discussion on this site in which a skeptical attitude toward energy work was being discussed, but that discussion eventually got deleted. The reason seems to be that it was judged not to belong in the location where it was taking place, which was inside one of the energy work groups.

I was the person who introduced the skepticism to the discussion. Some people did not appreciate that, but others did. Given how many participants there are on this site, and how many threads and groups are dedicated to discussing energy work with no skepticism, I thought maybe it was time to open a discussion where such skepticism is invited and welcomed.

I look forward to seeing how this discussion might develop. Is there interest?


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Belief does influence the body. No doubt on that at all. I utilize that with every person I work on. But there are two parts to healing. Belief/placebo effect is one part, and often times that one part can make the difference in healing someone. But the other part of healing is based on physiologic effects that take place reguardless of belief. The only thing going for energy work is belief. The second part is not there. A simple example. Let's say a client has radiating sciatic type pain on the lateral side of their leg. I just saw this today on a client that has been suffering for over a year.. She is on. all kinds of meds with no relief. I palpated a big bad trigger point in her Vastus Lateralis. Now believe me, when she came to see me, she was very skeptical of me being able to help her. She had no belief system in me at all. But when I deactivated that Vastus Lateralis trigger point by actually physically manipulating the tissues, a physiologic effect took place that could not be stopped reguardless of belief. Her over a year of sciatic pain vanished. Now she believes I can help her. Which is really going to speed up her healing process. Yes belief is a very important part of healing. But with just that one part on your side. You can't help nearly as many people. Not even close. Not even in the same ball park. The attachment below supports your one part( an important part ).

all true, brother Gordon.  Strong belief in energy work can certainly temporarily lessen or even eliminate pain.  But unless the Reiki or whatever accidentally shreds existing trigger points, the pain will return soon after leaving the treatment room. 

Oral Roberts and Benny Hinds faith healers momentarily cured a lot of people, but by the time the sufferer got back to their seats, the pain was flaring again.   I attended a few of those revivals back in the day.  I was amazed when faith healer Sister Ruth, Jimmy Carter's sister, walked the aisles, suddenly pointed to a parishioner and proclaimed, "You have a cancer! God has enabled me to see it as a glow.  Stand up!" She then forcefully touched a spot on the lady's breast, then announced, "Your cancer is gone!  God gave me the power to take away that cancer, so when you go to your doctor, ask for a new chest x-ray, and the scan will be clear!"  That lady was my sister, a week previous in her yearly health exam she had been declared perfectly healthy, no lumps in her breasts, no spots on her lungs.  I really hate shysterism.

Mental depression is a terrible thing.  I believe that state of mind...the not caring if you live or die, or wanting to be ill to gain sympathy (the Munchhausen Effect) can indeed make you ill, can in a few months encourage the growth of serious illness.  Belief ain't likely to heal a broken leg or realign bones or release trigger points.  But "faked" limping in someone who wants to be ill, etc can indeed cause the development of trigger points.  .  

Cindy engel said:

Placebo real. Energywork not? Interesting. How do you think 'belief' influences the body? If you can answer that you can heal the world as you will have explained how consciousness and matter interact.
Placebo is not a sign of weakness in a modality. That is just pharmaceutical company propaganda. Placebo is another word for activation of self healing and is what ALL modalities should be looking to enhance and enable.

I am skeptical about all sorts of bodywork both physical and energetic. Many therapists have no idea what their conceptual framework is (including massage therapists).
The pain neuromatrix chart, in the attachment, fits into this discussion. As massage therapists we can influence our clients sensory-discriminative input through our hands on bodywork, such as eliminating trigger points( one part ), and through our own behavior( confidence and healing attitude), we can influence our clients cognitive-evaluative part, such as their expectations/beliefs ( second part ). In other words we can lessen or eliminate the pain of our clients by changing the input to their self-neuromatrix.
Attachments: I found this book on Amazon. I still believe what I feel is truth. However, maybe reading this book, will make me think on things?

I haven't read this book. But it's on my to read list. It fits this thread.

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