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Oh, the flap on The View.  I’m sure this will carry on for days and weeks.


Here's a YouTube link:  The View - Al Gore's massage and other poorly chosen comments


Yea, our profession was ‘wronged.’ 


Here’s my advice:  Use it. 


I’m sure no one here as ever called a doctor a quack, or an attorney/lawyer an ambulance chaser, or a computer expert a nerd.


Sure, most of us are not on national TV, but I've seen a ton of 'foot in mouth disease' from all kinds of industries. 


Please note that I’m not defending anything that was said.


Here’s my point:


What are each and every one of us going to do (other than complain) to improve our own massage business/practice?  Can you take what was said and use it to stoke that internal fire?  Go and find a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself.  Talk to yourself (or others) and figure out how to use this to improve your own business.  Do you have a burning desire to be respected as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker?  Then put this to use! 


Is it just me, or can anyone else see an opportunity here?  To break away from the pack?  Leave the weak behind and step up to the plate!


What can you use from that TV show to really turn internally and improve upon?  Are we always as professional as we can be with our clients?  How about customer service?  What about all that time and energy wasted in internal dialogue complaining about how we were ‘dissed’ and put it to good use in creating a new massage marketing campaign?


Action speaks louder than words.  Lead by example. 


Who/what can we change?  Ourselves.


What is demanding an apology from The View going to do?  The damage has already been done. 


Are we, each and every one of us, doing all that we can?  Being the best that we can be?


I know that's what I'm focusing on.




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Hi Kris,

Interesting wording you use. "Could use." Ok, but does everyone want and or need a massage?
i meant "could use", i didn't mean they want it or feel the need for it. not necessarily.
you can drag the dog to the water. he'll has to drink it.

everyone doesn't need a free massage' either.
true. they could use it.

Why are doctors still ranking highly on the social ladder? They are viewed as professionals. How many true professionals run around giving away for free their services?
this profession has a history of climbing the ladder too. medicine is now a top business, a science.
In former times women, charlatans, tooth breakers (cowboys) and barber-surgeons offered their healing arts.
the healers (touch healers / faith healers) have still a hard time to get acknowledged by the medical establishment. some of them started their business with giving talks and practical touch healings while demonstrating.

What's the first thought that enters your mind when you hear or read the word, FREE? For me, it's something of little value, insignificant. If it's worth something then why is it free?
my mindset is different. i am not so infused with taxing everything on its fiscal worth / value.
free -- freedom -- freeing...
education is given for free in public schools. in fact it has a price on the community. and those educated will pay back to the community at a later stage.

Why is giving away free massage always the first option???
it's the practical side of education. when you are trained you get many free massages and give many free massages. and for getting the word out this is one means. to make a great movie on a bunch of LMTs that wins an Oscar is another option. to make sure that you get into every talk show or to have your own TV station is another.

best, Elf

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