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If you take a course or study Orthopedic massage, Medical massage, Rolfing, and others.  There is a great deal of emphasis on proper assessment.  Even if you work in a spa, and have only one minute,  you are still making some sort of assessment.  The assessment helps you help your client/patient more effectively.  

A new patient came in the other day with neck pain, low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain.  There was a long medical history involved, with diagnosis and explanations for his pain.  And I’m sure it was all correct, or mostly correct. 

But he made a comment. “I wonder if all my pain is connected?” I told him, “To me it was.”

He hurt the most in his low back, around the L3 level.  His hip pain was mostly in the Piriformis and Greater trochanter area.  In addition, like I said, he had knee and neck pain.  

Im going to attach some charts that will help explain the connections to those seemingly unrelated body areas and his pain.  Now is this evidence based analysis?  No, it is not.  Is it worth knowing or thinking about?  You decide.

If you notice, L3 inervates a portion of the hip that covers the Greater Trochanter and Piriformis.  L3 also inervates the knee.  You will also notice that the neck is inervated by C3.  And C3 has a special relationship to L3.   Ok cool.  What’s the big deal?  MAYBE nothing.

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You guys probably don’t care.  But I’m stoked.  When I first started working in this medical clinic and saw Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for the first time.  I thought wow. I don’t know how I could possibly help those people.  It’s a really nasty Pain Syndrome.  In all my years as a massage therapist.  I don’t ever remember seeing it until I started working in this clinic. 

Here is a link if you want to read about it.

A new patient today.  She has been in occupational therapy for a while.  I don’t know how long.  The Syndrome was in her right hand.  She couldn’t make a fist.  The medical assistant measured her grip strength at 5lbs.  After I worked with her for 15 minutes.  She could make a fist.  The patient was shocked and surprised.  

I came out of the room, told the doc that I was able to help her dramatically.  That she could make a fist.  He said get the Dynamometer and have someone check  her grip strength.  The assistant came in the room.   She squeezed it again.  It registered 20lbs!  She repeated it twice.  That’s phenomenal.  5lbs to 20lbs in 15 minutes!  And the thing is .... I NEVER TOUCHED HER AFFECTED HAND OR ARM AT ALL !

Theses procedures are revolutionary.  Fast.  Cool stuff.  

These procedures I’ve discovered are so freakin cool.  And the job I have is so freakin cool too.  I loved working in the spa environment.  But I did it for over 21 years.  Near the end, I started getting  complaints from clients because they were coming into the spa , to relax and unwind( of course).  And here I am some weird guy trying to do all this crazy trigger point Acupressure stuff.  Not very relaxing on that level. Didn’t go over too well for some.   So I knew I needed to be in another environment.  

Im in a cool one now.  Every patient in this clinic wants out of pain.  Their minds are open for anything or anyone that can get them out of pain.  Pain is horrible thing.  These procedures I’ve discovered eliminate myofascial pain fast.  Like nothing else.  

Here is an example.  An example of the job, and an example of these procedures.  One of the PAs came into my room and said.  Gordon, I got a patient for you.  I said you think so?  He said yes.  You never really know.  Because these procedures work only on muscle pain.  

I walked into the patient’s room.  There was a healthy looking thirty/forty year old guy.  Obviously hurting.  He has been like that for a year or more.  I forgot the reason why? The PA told me, but I forgot.  Because it really doesn’t matter too me. It just depends if it’s muscle pain or not.  These procedures are that good.  

He had a band of lower lumbar pain from the spine out to the lateral portions of the lower back.  He was very stiff, and could hardly rotate, flex, or move his torso in any direction.  He has been in Physical therapy for a long time(They are trying to get him strong enough to go back to work again).  Knowing that, gave me a positive boost of confidence.  Cause they always have people exercising like crazy.  And they rarely consider trigger points(damaged muscle cells).  So there is a very strong possibility that this guy is in this pain clinic because of trigger points. Which means, myofascial pain.

Anyway, I told the patient that if his pain is myofascial.  It’s going to be gone in a heartbeat.  By the way , he was in more pain then ever because he had just gotten out of physical therapy.  When I told him that the pain would be gone instantly.  He looked at me like I’m a nut case.  I’ve seen that look before.  I told him look.  You are in an advanced level pain clinic run by really smart medical doctors.  These guys hired me for a reason. Besides, the worst thing that will happen is nothing.  He seemed to look at me more normal after thinking a moment. Then I had him watch one of my YouTube videos.  I could see the surprise on his face as he watched the video.  

I said ok, let’s see if I can help you?  As he was standing, I had him move his back around so he could feel his pain.  Then I held special reflex points on each hand, and asked him to move around. He had a stunned look on his face. He said the left side is completely pain free but the right side still hurts.   Then I shifted to his left shoulder and pressed two special reflex areas for the right side of his back. Again he had a stunned look on his face.  He said now the right side is pain free and the left side hurts.  I said ok.  Then I sat on the floor and touched two reflex areas on his feet.  Now he really had a stunned look on his face.  It didn’t hurt anywhere as he moved and twisted his back.  I stood up, and asked how does it feel now.  He looked at me and said, I’m stunned. It barely hurts.  I can’t believe it?  

At that point the scribe(the person that takes notes) came in and overheard the patient’s words of bewilderment.  The scribe slightly chucked and smiled. He has heard that before.  

Anyway. I don’t know if ultimately I’m going to be able to help this guy.  If there is some deep underlying pathology his pain will come back.   It was freakin mind blowing though. For sure these techniques are gonna help at some level. 

Only problem now. Is getting him out of physical therapy.  

I recently emailed this famous skeptic doctor one of my videos.  She basically says I’m a con artist.  And at best what I’m doing is just placebo effect.  

I tried posting her comments to me on this thread. But for whatever reasons it doesn’t seem to work.  I think I can post it in three separate posts.   

Here is the video I sent her.  If you followed my posts, you have seen it before.

Her comments are interesting.  What do you guys think?  

Hmm intriguing, would love to learn more!

At a glance, it looks similar to Jin Shin Jyutsu, where you constantly hold 2/26 energy locks at a time and may often treat the mirrored site of injury/pain.  But I don't know if you've ever heard of it, or if it is actually functionally similar to what you're doing?

Is your method based on acupressure, trigger points, & hand reflexology...or what?

It’s based on initiating and utilizing these neurological reflexes and constructs. 

1. Inverse myotatic Reflex 

2. The brain homunculus 

3. Pflugers Law of symmetry 

4. Reciprocal inhibition reflex 

5. The Righting reflexes 

You guys be sure to check out my YouTube channel.  Things are progressing.  By end of year, I should be teaching my first seminar.  16 Continuing education credits 

A couple days ago the docs called me into one of the treatment rooms to see if I could help one of their patients. One minute later I recorded his testimonial.  His wife made a comment on my YouTube channel.  These procedures are a game changer.

Here is a video of a recent session. Her main complaint was a numb left foot.

if anyone is interested in learning this method.  Let me know.  I need 10 people for a class. 

These myofascial procedures I’ve discovered give phenomenal results.

It’s been a while. I might as well add to my thread.  It’s so crazy.  I keep discovering and learning.  These last three years I’ve advanced quit a bit. It’s freaky. I’m able to do way more then I ever thought possible. Prior to this growth period, I felt stagnant. I mean I felt good giving people good massages and stuff.  And having them tip me good afterwards.  But I felt like my massage was really no better then it was ten years prior.  
I was developing my trigger point work all that time. And I could see great potential in all that.  But in a spa environment, trigger point work wasn’t always wanted. Even if they needed it.  
But now. Working in this medical environment. Wow! To start with I’m working working intimately with three really smart really cool doctors. Four physicians assistants. A staff of premed and PA students. And bunch of other awesome professional people.  All cool !
And the patient population.  They are the hurt of the hurt. Most are referred from other clinics after all other attempts, surgeries and therapies have failed to get them out of pain. 
At first I was overwhelmed. I worked in a chiropractic clinic for ten years. And never saw anyone with the pain levels these people have. The first few days I actually had to shut the door of my room and cry a little bit.  
My hands were on my head wondering how am I going to be able to help these people? I’m a good massage therapist with a cool set of procedures but ... I mean I never saw things like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome before.  You do not want to get that. 
Anyway, there was this patient population that’s at extreme pain levels. Opioid level. The providers call me into the treatment rooms to help these people, and to aid in the diagnosis as to how much of their pain is myofascial if any.  
Ive been there almost three years now, I think.  I’ve gotten way better at helping these people. Mind blowingly so. My techniques and skill set has advanced tremendously. 
I'm noticeably helping those with CRPS. The other day I had a patient with Trigeminal Neuralgia. In one minute her pain was reduced 90%! That freakin  phenomenal!  That’s a syndrome that no one really knows how to help. The doctors were a little bit freaked themselves. 
The procedures that I’m going to be teaching are well vetted. For manual therapists of all professions.  It’s gonna be a game changer.  I’m freaked every day at what these hands on procedures can do.  Here are a few estimonials. These are real people that are really hurt. Listen to them. Remember. It’s not me that’s great. I’m just a good massage therapist. A lot of you are probably way better. It’s these procedures that are great. Anybody can get the same results.  They are that good.

Seems like no one comments or starts new threads in here anymore?  When I first discovered this site years ago. People were arguing and fighting like crazy.  Moderators had to intervene at times in order to calm things down a bit. But now it’s the complete opposite.  No one comments in here?  
On other sites I sometimes get flack about my videos and what I say. Most comments are along the lines of, until its scientifically proven with appropriate studies it’s all bull.  Others say that I’m not doing what I think I’m doing and it’s just placebo.  That I’m deceiving my patients as well as myself.  Or that I’m full of it. What I say I’m doing is impossible.  And still others say that what I’m doing is nothing new. And that these techniques are well known and have been taught for years. 
Ive gotten, what I consider somewhat a legitimate complaint.  That I’m to vague when I talk about what I’m doing. I am kinda vague because I want to teach the specifics, and make some money doing it.  What gets me are the people saying that are teaching their stuff, that they claim to be good, in seminars making bank!  Lol
So anyway. You guys. These procedures are mind blowing.  The painful areas vanish instantly.  There is no muscle testing or analysis necessary.  Really, you don’t even have to know the names of any muscles, or what muscle is trigger pointed.  
These procedures are good. Patients/clients are freaked when their years of pain is just gone.

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