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I have an opportunity to fly out to work on a pro NFL player. (6'7 and close to 400lbs)

Travel would be paid for as well as hotel. What would be a good rate to charge for the day?

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Excellent opportunity.  Congrat.

Strange, didn't they offer the basic pay?   Usually they do.  Of course, the personal tip is separate.

I do not believe you can labor more than 4 hours altogether fo the size of the body you quoted assuming you provide the real massage.   For the professional athletes like that, it will be minimum $250 per hour just for relaxation of muscle and $300 for pain relief.   That is my charge at my spa,

Again, very good opp.

Thank you. I appreciate your thoughts. This NFL player is getting massage for pain relief. He is a giant and very heavy so working on him is intense. Just one 2hr treatment per day for multiple days. Do you have a credit card payment system that works for you? Another therapist suggested getting paid in cash another suggested venmo.

I'll have the client put the airfare and hotel on their cc so I'll only need repayment for uber to and from location on a daily basis and then of course the payment itself. Any suggestions--thoughts are welcome.

That sounds like a cool opportunity, so congratulations on that.  When I first started out in this career, my dream was to work on professional athletes like football players.  I hope you are able to help him.  Let us know how it went?  If ya want.  

We have a few golfers and bicyclists coming by often for relaxation or muscle tension relief, cause mainly we are located near activity area.   Yeah, extensive work for them but there is plenty of reward for it.  

By the way, if you let us know where you are located, we may be able to refer athletes or business travellers who stopping by at your area.   We are getting professional golfers coming to Torrey Pines, business people participating at San Diego Convention Center.  They are always interested in knowing who are real effective massueuers.  Visit our website and send us your linkage at   Mutually beneficial if we are able to cross referrals.

I charge $150 an hour for “regular” people, for my pro guys (nhl mostly) I charge $300, that’s for outcall in town. Out of town massage gig, I’d do $1000 a day, obviously the pay travel and hotel.

I charge the same rate for my professional athletes as I do for my regular clients (noting some people have mentioned they charge more for their pro athletes).

You should ensure that you are paid for all lost time that you would have normally been able to take clients in your office.

  • For example, my outcall price is double my in-office pricing due to travel and extra personal wear and tear of loading and unloading table, along with the general annoyance of not working in my preferred office space.  I don't like doing outcalls, so I make it worth my time.   You may or may not feel this way.  You may or may not even have an office.  But, you need to be compensated for your work time.

Alternatively, you could charge for each 24 hour block of time you are out of town, if you are expected to be accessible the entire period of time you are there.

Make sure the request is legitimate.  As a general rule, your athletes will stay at a Four Seasons or somewhere like this, when travelling for their work.  At minimum, confirm with the hotel that you will be working on such and such athlete in their hotel, if you are expected to be there, instead of the team therapy room or the professional athletes home.  If you don't know the team owners or the individuals booking this session for the athlete, you should also go over your safety protocol with the concierge at the hotel or management at whatever other venue you will be at, if it is a place you are unfamiliar with.

I would not take a tip in a situation like this.  It is a job, plain and simple.  I would book it as such.

I have never travelled out of town for a professional athlete, but I have a colleague who does travel with her clients who ski.  She has them pay for all her expenses (food, tickets, hotel, etc.) and a full day of what she would normally get paid in her office.  She takes the max of what she would make.  So, if her maximum load of clients she would potentially would is "6", then she charges a fee of 6 clients for each day she is with the person she travels with.  She also makes sure all of her ski lifts, ski rentals, etc. are paid for.

I hope that helps.

You should check the licensing regulations in the states in which you are travelling

Many allow for visiting therapists if they are affiliated with a bona fide organization, but travelling with a rich client rarely qualifies you to practice.

Your liability insurance is null and void if you practice outside your scope of licensure.

I have a few NFL clients as well locally. I charge them the same and treat them the same. If I were to travel for them. Still the same price but expenses would be paid by them as they are offering in your deal.

Jake Walker LMT

That’s way cool.  Maybe charge what you normally charge. Then add a certain percentage more? Because you are exclusive to this person, and will be loosing money by not being in the clinic seeing multiple clients.  
Unless this person could lead to something better. Whatever that may be? Then just charge your usual rate. 
Just my two cents. 
Let us know what you decide. 

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