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Arguably one of the most common trigger points that you will come across as a massage therapist is the upper Trapezius trigger point.  It’s almost universal.  In it’s dormant state( latent trigger point ), it’s probably not a big deal, and almost any manual technique will get rid of it with little effort.  

But in it’s active state, it can be a different story.  That one trigger point can cause major pain and headaches.  And not easily eliminated.  It can cause so much pain that a patient/client might even consider or seek out a chiropractor, physical therapist, or even a medical doctor before even considering a massage therapist.  

If the patient sees a physical therapist he/she may receive trigger point Dry needling, or Graston technique.  A Chiropractor they may recieve electrical stem, Active release, with an adjustment thrown in.  If they see a medical doctor they may recieve medications or trigger point injections.  There are lots of different approaches.  Almost all of them time consuming, uncomfortable to the patient , or expensive.  Some procedures  very complicated for the therapist. 

Damn, just had another aftershock.  In Anchorage we recently experienced a massive earthquake. Everyone is a bit on edge.   These aftershocks are unsettling.  

The procedures that I’ve discovered, Holographic Acupressure, I consider revolutionary in their effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to eliminating trigger points, especially in the upper Trapezius.  It almost always eliminates the trigger point instantly.  At reflex speed so to speak.  Always a shock to the patient.  

One of the reasons Holographic Acupressure is so effective compared to other approaches, regardless of what they are called, with few exceptions, digging on damaged muscle tissue.  A trigger point is a result of a damaged sarcoplasmic reticulum in the muscle cell.  In addition, some of the methods are quite involved and complicated.  With Holographic Acupressure the finger touching the trigger point is only a monitor.  It only uses enough pressure for the client to know if the trigger point is gone.  It also acts as a guide point for the nervous system. And it’s FAST. The trigger point is released via a special reflex area far from the actual trigger point itself.   As a result, there is no collateral damage, and healing rates are much faster.  It’s like ya don’t keep digging on a cut to make it heal faster.

The following videos illiterate some of the current approaches used for manual release of that upper Trapezius trigger point, of which there are many.   Then I will show a couple Holographic Acupressure approaches, of which there are many.  

Im excited, and will be teaching in Europe this summer.  If anyone is interested in learning a new approach to trigger point work, that’s truly amazing, email me here.  Like I’ve said before.  And you can check this out your self.  A lot of these trigger point approaches are involved and complicated.  Involving many seminars an training. Just google trigger point therapy seminars and certification.  Read the websites and check the costs out.  Holographic Acupressure is easy.  Anyone can do it.  And less expensive to learn too.  One day you can have the information.  All ya gotta do is practice.  

As a side note.  My videos are not meant to teach.  But for the astute observer, they should be able to observe and utilize one of my techniques the very next day in their clinic or work place, and instantly eliminate an upper Trapezius trigger point.   Holographic Acupressure    Holographic Acupressure    Holographic Acupressure     Holographic testimonial.  Even lay people can do it.

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“ It is to be believed because it’s absurd.” - Quintus Septimus Tertullianus, 240 BC.

As you can see from the last above entry.   I have my haters.  I can understand their doubt.  The hate part is interesting though.  A lot of the haters think I’m bragging.  Full of myself.  Hardly the truth.  I’m on my third wife and I’m broke all the time.  I am however very confident about what I’m saying and doing in here.  And maybe that confidence comes across as arrogance.  But I am telling you as a sixty four year old man, that’s been in this field for over thirty years .... these procedures are just mind freaking phenomenal.  They are so good that they render all other forms of trigger point work obsolete.  If you want to learn, contact me.  If somehow I’m upsetting you, then just don’t read my threads.  I wish more people would write in here.  I feel like I’m hogging the website.  

Anyway, I’m adding this testimonial to this particular thread because among other things, this patient had some really active trigger points in her upper trapezius.  You can see how she is touching her shoulders in shock while giving her testimonial.  When you learn these techniques you will be shocking and freaking out many a client.  This stuff is so good, so reliable, and unbelievably effective. Pain is gone instantly.  Years of pain in some cases.  Like hers.  

In this case.  One of the doctors asked me to go into one of the treatment rooms and see if I could ease this patients neck pain.  She is waiting for surgery on her neck.  In the mean time she is in the clinic in order to manage her pain before surgery.  In addition she has low back pain.  Often times you will see a relationship between the low back and neck.  

She was miserable with an 8/10 pain level when I brought her into my room.  Look and listen to what these techniques did for her.  I know the haters and doubters won’t accept her testimonial.  They will just say it’s placeebo effect.  Or that any good massage technique would accomplish this.  She has tried many therapies before.  This clinic that I work in is the very last resort for people in most cases.  And if it’s placebo effect.  My goodness.  It would be good to know how to initiate it, wouldn’t it? And get these results.  

She is freaked out.  It’s a common reaction with these procedures.  In addition she told me that she is sending out 200 emails to her friends, telling them about me.  I mean think about this.  If these procedures are true, and every massage therapist knew these procedures .... would there be any more chiropractors?

As usual, I made a mistake.  My comment about the haters and doubters relates to my “ Things To Ponder” thread.  Where you can read a couple of their critiques.

They should actually be together in one thread.  

"With Holographic Acupressure the finger touching the trigger point is only a monitor. It only uses enough pressure for the client to know if the trigger point is gone. It also acts as a guide point for the nervous system. And it’s FAST. The trigger point is released via a special reflex area far from the actual trigger point itself. As a result, there is no collateral damage, and healing rates are much faster. It’s like ya don’t keep digging on a cut to make it heal faster."

"only pressure on the release area. The trigger point hand/finger, is only a monitor. I will be teaching my first seminar in August."

So, it looks like you are just gently placing your first hand on the TrP (as a monitor for the client)...and then placing firmer pressure on a cross body "reflex" point? Got a few questions about that part, here?
1) What exactly is this "reflex" point? Is it based on reflexology, dermatones, or something else?
2) Why is it always cross body?

3) You say you only apply pressure to this "reflex" point...but in your videos, it doesn't seem like you're really even applying any significant pressure there, either?

4) How does simply touching (or even applying some pressure) at the reflex point magically release the TrP?

5) Would it still work if you weren't also simultaneously touching the TrP at all? If that is just for monitoring for the client, anyways?

6) How long does this relief usually last? Or is it essentially permanent?

Finally, is the technique good for all conditions? Or just ones with a neurological basis? Cuz here, you recommended just a good massage therapist for pure muscle pain (not sure if you were joking or not)?

Well, thanks for your discoveries and sharing!!!

Man Gong, thanks for reading my post. I can’t really answer all your questions adequately without actually teaching you. I plan on teaching small groups of ten once this covid thing calms down. Keep in touch. I will give you my email if you want. 
The finger touching the trigger point serves two purposes. One is a monitor for the patient to know if the pain has vanished. The other is to act as a guide point in order to direct the nervous system to the injured area. 
How long does it last? I don’t know?  But if they get up off the table 50% to 100% better.  They come back four at least five sessions. At that point we re-evaluate the condition. It usually takes anywhere from 1 to 8 sessions 15 to 30 minutes each. It’s light years more effective then current trigger point therapies.

With this therapy we look at the body in a completely different way then what’s currently taught.
Anyway keep in touch. Thus method is truly mind blowing.    
Oh. The trigger points can be eliminated without actually being touched. But a different set of techniques is required. I don’t think I have any videos utilizing the no touch techniques. Depending on the patient and the particular pain problem determines which approach is necessary. 
The techniques primarily eliminate trigger points and myofascial pain in general. The only muscle pain that it will not eliminate would be on a healthy client that required a very deep pressure in order to feel a good hurt. It will not get rid of that good hurt. 
And the techniques do relieve some nerve pain temporarily. Like Trigeminal Neuralgia. 
The release hand is of firm pressure. But not enough to hurt the client. 

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