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Do any of you guys do any kind of video marketing? I have recently started adding massage therapy video content to my youtube channel and website (I do personal training/exercise stuff as well). I have heard that effective video marketing can be very beneficial for massage therapists. Maybe, even more so, for male therapists like myself. I could see it helping by giving clients a way know what to expect when receiving a massage from you.

Either way, I would be curious to know some other MT's thoughts on video marketing. If you have done anything in the past that you would like to share, that would be cool too.

For those who are curious my website is:

and my most recent video URL is:

Let me know what you guys think and definitely share some of your own content as well! 

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I use video, but in a different way. Every new client, especially if they are hurting, sees one of my video clips and reads one of my testimonials. Mainly to help them choose between trigger point work or a more conventional relaxation massage they are probably expecting, sense I work in a spa.
However, in another week I will be working with an anesthesiologist in his pain management clinic. I'm super hyped up excited about that. And the Doctor wants to put a couple of my videos and testimonials on his webpage. So that's going to be cool.

I think you have done a nice video.  If I were to give a suggestion, it would be that you should try to find a way to cut it into a shorter run time.  Maybe something like a minute and a half. 

I hear everything you are saying, but I began to get bored quite rapidly, as the tone of your voice didn't have much inflection.

Short and sweet may get you more interest. 

But, someone else may feel completely different.  I am not one to know the proper run-times for a marketing video.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Pueppi, I agree that this video is on the long side. In the future I will likely focus on shorter videos. 


That is a really good idea that I hadn't considered. I may look to do something similar in the future. Hopefully the doctor thing went well!  

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