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With cold and flu season approaching, maybe earlier than we might like, I'm curious to know what massage therapists do when they have a cold. In the past I've had clients that caught colds very easily so I would call them if I was coming down with something and give them an option of canceling.

What do you do? Cancel? tell your clients you're sick and give the chance to reschedule if they want? or nothing and hope they don't notice?

***update*** Thank you so much for all the responses, which poses my next question: If you reschedule, whether by your choice or theirs, do you give a discount if they reschedule? especially if they reschedule immediately.

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My wife Susie is the CMT and she will ask one of the others in the office to do the massage on the rare chance she is sick. We heavily promote the use of certified therapeutic grade essential oils in our office, for the client and the therapist. We had used Young Living for about 10 years but recently upgraded to doTERRA.
Thanks so much for all this info. I agree that I never give a massage if I have a cold. It's just not professional. I also get so irritated when clients come to me sick! I think they just want someone to take care of them and I get that....but I can't get risk catching what they have.
Love the remedy!

Gloria Coppola said:
I never work when I'm not 100% there for my client. Over the 20+ years all my clients have appreciated as I have as well, when they reschedule.

I once had a massage from someone who had a runny nose. I happened to open my eyes and she had a tissue plugging up her nostril. TOTALLY Gross!

I also have a great easy remedy to kick it in the butt.
One whole garlic BULB, crushed. 1 organic lemon - squeezed . A small amount of maple syrup or agave to sweeten ( if needed). Eat it all up!
Yummy :)

If it doesn't cure you, it will keep your clients from coming to you while you are sick. ;)

I also use the essential oil from Young Living "Thieves' a couple of drops in my water and it usually does the trick. And Neti pots are great for the sinuses too. I agree!!
I just went through this experience. I had 2 sessions last week I needed to reschedule when I cam down with a cold/sinus infection. Came down with it Thursday night. I had 1 session on Saturday and the other on Monday. I immediately contacted the Saturday client. I was running a fever and there was NO WAY I could perform a massage. and she was a new client. We corresponded via email. She was completely understanding and said the next earliest she would have is the beginning of December. The Monday client I waited until Sunday to reschedule. His next available time slot was Tuesday so I left it "open". But come Tuesday morning I was still getting out of breath and sweaty quickly. So I called and we now have a session scheduled for this Friday.

It can be a little unorganized when something like this happens. But we all get sick. And I'm sure our clients know this. I always explain that being sick is a contraindication to giving a massage and it is for their wellness that it's best to reschedule. I don't ever give them the choice to have the session. My health and theirs is too important. I also feel like I can't do my best work under such conditions so it's just a bad idea all around.

I don't give a discount either. It was unforeseeable. And I am accommodating when such happens to my clients so I expect the same in return. I DO try to be as accommodating with scheduling when we reschedule though.
Echinacea is awesome. although it's been one of those things that when it works it works like a charm, but doesn't always work for me. perhaps it's dependent on the strain of illness.

Samantha J. Bennett said:
I figure by now you already have your answers to your questions above, as i agree with everyone. But no one mentioned Echinacea with Golden Seal to get better and that's what works best for me. At the first onset of feeling yucky start it with vit. C and within say 3-4 days I'm typically better (also do the essential oil thing or if that bad the vicks vapor rub b/c if i'm that yucky I don't feel like making the essential oil mixes)! :) tc
I can't believe this discussion is still going, but it's nice to see so many therapists play it safe; and, I agree with so many of you that the clients definately appreciate the consideration.

As for the many OTC remedies for cold after the fact: studies have indicated that if you're not at your healthiest before catching a cold it doesn't make much difference no matter what or how much you take afterwards, this includes Vit C and airbone products. Of course, the studies have yet to include Chinese Herbs provided by Registered Acupuncturist who've gained additional education in providing them...

There was show on NPR a few weeks ago regarding colds with a guest who wrote the book on the many topics concerning colds. It was extremely interesting.

I hope everyone stays healthy this year and never have to cancel any appointments!!

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