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I have been toying with the idea of going to school to become a massage therapist for some time now. 

I have two choices.  There is a 9 month program that I could attend but would come away with a 7K student loan at the end of it.

Or, I could attend the program at my local community college and grants would cover the entire tuition.  However, there program is 2 years in length. 

I am 45 years old.  If you were in my position, which would you choose?

Thanks all.

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Hmm, difficult choice. Not sure if this is the correct one... But I'd take the community college choice. Two years will give you time to strengthen your body. Forearms, hands, and so on. And you wont have any debt. Or maybe actually go and meet the teachers of both schools.. see the class rooms, look at the text books.. Vibe which is the best place to be.

I would say to go with the 2 year community college program. That will probably give you more experience in the area, and as Gordon said, build you up physically for it. I personally went with a program that lasted about 16 months, and it was well worth it.

I would go for the 7 months. You will learn a lot during y our 7 months and after you can decide if you want to take any other additional course or training. You will find out if you really want to work as a massage therapist, and if you do  you will learn something new every day. The internet is full of useful anatomy books, information videos and everything you need and more on the theoretical level. You will become a great massage therapist if you really have the passion for it :) 

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