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Hello from London! Can anyone suggest good places I can market my books for massage therapists? My publishers (Human Kinetics) have asked if I can help promote my books on Soft Tissue Release and Deep Tissue Massage, both out now (and Postural Assesment, out next year). Even though I meet around 400 therapists a year in my work we are all based in the UK and I have little knowledge of the US market. I have posted this question on a couple of groups on this site, and have contated 20 US massage schools plus two US massage magazines. Sales are doing well here in the uk because I get to meet the therapists who are buying the books and I present at lots of conferences, but of course thats not the case in the states. Ay ideas? Tips, tricks you can give me to help raise awareness of these titles in America? All answers gratefully received! Jane :)

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