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Hi Everyone,


I enjoyed reading (and alas, re-living) the stories you shared about clients who have interesting religious views. I do have a couple of my own stories, but I don't want to bore you with them. These individuals turned into "converts" once they realized I wasn't trying to control them or some other kind of "oogah-buggah" stuff. Reiki is reiki.


No my instance here is much different. Growing up, I suffered through some very strict Christian indoctrination. I couldn't understand that no matter how hard I tried or how much I read the Bible, I was still considered "bad" by my pastor and elders of the a nutshell, I spent much of my 20's and my 30's studying different religions and teachings...went to several Christian and non-Christian functions...and after nothing "took," declared myself a pagan and have been at peace with it for years. Like a famous Christian singer crooned, "I don't care what they say...I'm gonna live what I believe." You believe what you believe and I believe what I believe and that's okay. We are entitled to believe in god/goddess or God/Goddess as we wish.


I don't go around bragging or prostelytizing or publishing (other than here) that while I may be able to sing the kyrie and recite the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds from the Lutheran Hymnal, I no longer follow that dogma. It's part of my past. This seems to be the hardest for others to grasp. Especially Christians.


And my views have come back to bite me, so to speak. Just this past week, one of my friend/colleagues invited me to visit a spa she was hired at a month previous. I inspected the facility and found it very relaxed and very much a place I could see myself working. Upon telling her that I was interested and that I would get my resume ready and contact the owner, she told me that the owners were very conservative and my "views" probably wouldn't be tolerated.


My answer to her was, " that means I have to leave my Buddah statue and my crystals at home...and probably my native american CDs."


She got very embarassed and replied, "Well your crystals and your music should be okay. But no would be too hard for me to explain if they asked questions."


My reply back was,"If they really are curious, tell them I like art. If they want to know more, have them ask me."


That was the weirdest exchange that I have ever had with her. And never on this subject. She told me she isn't sayng that she has Reiki training. She said that she had been getting flack from her congregation. Hell and brimstone comments, even as these same people sought her out for energy healing between church services. Is this about me or about her? (I just finished Reiki Master/Teacher training and am in the midst of my 21-day cleanse, she ended her Reiki training at level 2).


Have any of you had similar experiences? Are any of you like me, so "out there" that you could be a danger in driving away prospective clients? Or prospective jobs?









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I too grew up in a strict Catholic family but have since moved on to Buddhist teachings. Ironically, I have not told my 86 year old mother than I practice Buddhism for the fear that it might kill her (just joking). While I am not openly upfront about my spiritual beliefs and honestly they are no one business anyway, I have always said that Reiki is not for everyone. I am very upfront about what I do with Reiki in my massage practice. I have had people embrace it enthusiastically and others who are very turned off by it. I am not trying to convince any one of anything, I am just hear to serve people who are willing to utilize the Reiki energy for their greatest good. If they do not want Reiki, I do not give it to them. I always ask permission to use Reiki energy even for distance healing. I do not think I have lost clients due to using Reiki, I just believe that I am more likely to attract clients that are open to receiving it.

If someone is not going to give you a job due to your religious/spiritual beliefs that is discrimination and is unconstitutional. If you wanted to make a big deal out of it I am sure you would win your case but really why would you want to work for someone who would not allow you to be who you are? I would always seek a place where people were open minded and receptive to all points of view. Better yet, open you own place and you will not have to worry about it. That's what I plan to do!
Hi Kimberly,

I have had many of the same experiences. I don't claim any one theological path; I just walk a spiritual path. Many of my beliefs are in line with Paganism, Buddhism, and some Native American beliefs. After several years of trying to walk a tight rope between my beliefs and "normal, traditional" society I chose to not try to hide my beliefs or apologize for them in any way. Having done so, I attract more of the clients that I truely appreciate and they truely appreciate me. Those who would have a challenge with my beliefs would never be fully comfortable on my table, nor I with them.

I may not be as busy as I would walking a more conservative path, but I am content knowing I am following the path of my heart. As a result I have found the quality of my work increasing exponentially and am able to connect with my clients on much deeper levels due to the synchronicity of our beliefs.

I personally shy away from job offers that make it clear my beliefs would not be supported. Did that on one occassion and it didn't work out. I thought being upfront about my beliefs and communicating about them would help, yet several months down the road I realized I was getting fewer bookings. I realized that trying to swim upstream just wears you out. Swimming with the flow of water is much easier and a lot more productive!

Peace and Light

Thanks for the insights. I am often surprised by an outsider's view of me, especially from friends/colleagues who have known me for so long (in this case 10 years). While this is the view of my colleague, she may be exaggerating the beliefs of the spa owners. I will find out for sure this next week, when I have an interview. A face-to-face conversation will help me make up my mind.

As for opening my own business, I have it on "my list." I want to open my own business/school, teaching Reiki and Reflexology and hopefully in a few years, massage therapy (both Swedish and Amma Therapy(R). It's a big dream, I know. I'm still in the first step process. Kind of why I decided to take a summer sabbatical so I can get my materials together and research any "red tape" on the local and state level that I may come across.

It would just be nice to work a few hours a week at a local establishment, where I can take care of clients, raise some seed money and let someone else take care of the business/booking details. Keep the skills up, while having the time to continue my studies, prep and research.

Have a great weekend!

This is my thought, Religion like Politics does not belong in the work place. We live by example nothing else. I call it "Let it begin with me". God understands where people do not. I pray over every client who lays on my table. Do I tell them? No I just do it.
Darcy...I'm on the same page with you. I feel I was led to this career because of the care and compassion I have for people. We all understand the need that the people of the world have ... the need to be cared for and loved ... They know it by our touch. I've had several clients recently tell me what a caring and compassionate touch they feel from me.
For me, I respect everyone's religious views. I was brought up Christian...and still am. However, I've moved away from the man-made rules and views. And I have taken the time to just listen to God's urgings for pray for my clients and whatever their needs are. And I pray for Him to guide me in regards to their needs during their session with me.
I admit...I haven't looked into other religions such as Buddhism, etc. I know only bare bones...I'm at peace with where I am now. And I'm so blessed to be able to care for client at a time! I've just joined this Group and I look forward to being educated from all of you!
Thank you Diane for your sharing. To me it is an affrimation. I truly love what I do and the service I give. I am truly grateful for the one responsible for pulling me into this profession. I have not looked into other religions either. It is not necessary when we have a spiritual program.
When I teach my subtle body classes at the massage school, I have some students that come into the class with preconceived ideas about what "energy" is. They feel that it is against their religion to do energy work. They block themselves off from experiencing it and the other students can feel the resistance. I tell them that they are using subtle body energy whenever they are doing is not a religion-it is a way of balancing a person's energy field, mind, body and spirit.

I feel that you need to be true to yourself. I set my intention to attract clients who I can be of service to who will be open to what I do.

For your prospective job, set your intention to work in an environment that is in your highest good, a place where you can be of the greatest service and where you will be appreciated for who you are and what you have to offer.


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