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Dear members.

I would like to clarify details of free lessons page. From private correspondence with few members I understood that some of you viewing short clips which I believe also contains some information
that can help  to get more picture on
Russian medical and sports massage principles and concepts. Thank you for
viewing. However extended free lessons I am offering on web page dedicated to
my presentations. The link to website can be found on our group page. I really  sorry that links to the short video fragments caused
some confusion. But to defense of it I am positive that this short fragments
useful as well. Please view the lessons and if you'll have some questions or
would like to offer your opinions on subjects please feel free to do so.

Best wishes.


PS. Today or tomorrow I'm planning to start a
discussion ;” clinical approach to sports massage”I believe it will help us to
come to unified understanding what is sports massage is about as well on
importance of this modality. I hope you will find interest in this discussion

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Looking forward to the discussion.
Hi Rick.
I did post "” clinical approach to sports massage”but for some reasons lines are broken. I am very limited in use of Internet including social media. Do you have any idea why it happened this time. Thanks.
Best wishes.
Thank you Boris, the short clips are interesting and helpful.
Dear Lori.
Thank you very much for posting. at least now I know that somebody viewing my work and founding it interesting and helpful.

Best wishes.


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