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Do you prefer the magazine in its digital incarnation or reading the mag in the tub? Do you see youself opting for reading books in digital formats soon?

Personally, yes, digital is cool and I like to read in the tub. However, when we get digital readers I'm concerned that it wil be much more difficult to show off my library. When you can stuff thousands of books in a little electronic box,how will I instantly judge people when I enter their homes?

("enter their homes" sounds like I'm doing so with a crowbar after midnight, doesn't it?)

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um I rather read the magaize paper in the tub, I dont wan to get shocked plus, magazine you a keep for a long time digital doesnt last all the time, you gotta update and delete stuff for more room so I take the paper, Sorry Trees
I'm new to this mag and have to say I love the digital version (because of too many ads, heck I knows ya has to have em )
GO trees GO
Interesting, E-books currently make up about 5% of all book sales, but that will change, especially when people catch on to the I-Phone app, plus all the new readers that are coming out. The Kindle is just a tiny beginning.
As founder of the "Go Green" group on here, I have to say digital. However, I also live in Nowhere, USA and only have the dreaded dial-up internet connection. Nobody has enough time in the world to wait for it to download. A basic update will sometimes take over 2 hours. So, I enjoy the magazine version myself. SORRY! GUILTY! I do keep it around my shop for all to read though. It gets picked up and passed on time and time again. AND RECYCLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After it's grubby.
There's an iPhone app for the magazine?
For reading digital books.

nHarmony Massage and Bodywork said:
There's an iPhone app for the magazine?
I'm for digital!
I agree, having the option to do both is good. A paper copy can reach more readers and travel with you.
I like the idea of both. I enjoy waiting for the issue to come in the mail and being able to read it cover to cover. I also like the idea of having it available online as well because I can view it while traveling from anywhere on my computer. With it being online, I never have to worry about losing it or forgetting where I put it down.
Paper Rules, but I like both.

The digital version requires I stare at the computer screen and it is very hard on my eyes. If the paper version ever becomes the only version, I will only read those articles I consider really important.

The paper version is also more convenient for travel.

For those concerned about trees, pulpwood is cultivated in the southeastern US in a very sustainable way.


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