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Hello fellow Pennsylvanians MTs. Does everyone send their application for license already? I understand that they won't be issuing license yet but they accept applications. I emailed ABMP to ask them if I should apply now but they told me that I should wait until the rules and regulations is finalized. What should I do? 

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I printed the application and was about apply- then the board withdrew the final draft due to pressure from the house licensure committee. So I decided to wait. They aren't in a rush, so neither am I- actually I am very frustrated by the entire process.
I contacted state board to inform them that the State Police will not send the criminal background check directly to the massage board (as they required)...the board replied that they also had found this out and we could included that info. with our applications. Shouldn't they have known what the State Police would or would not do? Also what will they do with all these school and NCBTMB verifications being sent in on our behalf. They won't be enclosed with our applications, their office will be flooded with these things and will most likely get misplaced.
I just mailed my application to the State Board today, as an existing practitioner - using NCBTMB and AMTA memberships as my "proof" - has anyone else sent in applications yet? If so I would like to hear about your experience. I will keep everyone posted about my timeline with the application process.


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