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I can release trigger points anywhere on the body in 20 seconds with only finger tip pressure. Ive said it so many times.. No one believes me. Whatever... This time is that last I will say it..  Ive been a professional massage therapist for 26 years... 50,000 massages.. Trigger points are easily eliminated in seconds....If you are serious about what you do... contact me..... Reality is different...Click on my profile, and read ALL my comments on various subjects...Im real.. Not a scammer.. Some think that though. They dont believe me...Im tired of trying... I know what I know... If you are serious.. Contact me.  Please dont challenge me...NO use arguing over the internet.

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I believe you. Have seen it done by my instructor when in school and by practicing it myself with clients. I am not certified in Neuromuscular therapy (hoping to be soon), but I often times use the foundation that we learned in college and apply it during deep tissue sessions. I am always interested in learning more, especially if it will help me to help my clients. Would love more information about what it is you can do and how you do it.


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