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3 Action Steps to Increase Time & Profit

Are you feeling pulled all over the place?

Are you spending your days (and maybe nights!) spending your time flat out busy and not accomplishing anything towards your goals?

Do you feel like you are pulled all over the place operating out of chaos?

Are you frustrated that your staff just doesn’t GET it?

Are your clients not coming back as often as you would like?

Does your staff drive you crazy with questions?

Does your vision seem far out of reach – buried under the multitude of tasks that you need to do each day?

Are you surprised each month by your money not balancing?

Do you feel like you have extra expenses all of the time?

Do you feel alone?

Reaching your vision whether it is a six figure business or multi-million dollar business is a choice. It is a choice to change what you are currently doing that is not bringing you the rewards you want. Going into business for yourself is exciting and challenging, so many possibilities and so many opportunities. But oftentimes we business owners get bogged down in the day to day management and the breakdowns that occur and just don’t take the time to plan or take the necessary steps to create a new future.

In just 90 days you could see an improvement in your business – more money, more time and more freedom to grow your business to what you imagined. One way to start is to create a simple strategic business plan. Start by choosing three things that you want to accomplish within the next 90 days. But make sure that the three things are going accomplish one of the following:
* Make you more profit
* Give you more time to work ON your business instead of IN it

Business is about People (clients & staff) and Process, so to keep it fairly simple choose from these two areas. For example tweaking your compensation plan, hiring new staff and setting up a great no show/late cancel policy are all going to make you more profit. Having concise guidelines, clear policies and learning new leadership skills are what will give you more time. Then under each item in your plan list three action steps to take and put a deadline on them and then enter these action steps into your calendar. On at least three days out of your week have an item scheduled from your plan so that at the end of the 90 days you will have reached your goals for that quarter. Then repeat the process.

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