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3 Action Steps to Increase Time & Profit

Are you feeling pulled all over the place?

Are you spending your days (and maybe nights!) spending your time flat out busy and not accomplishing anything towards your goals?

Do you feel like you are pulled all over the place operating out of chaos?

Are you frustrated that your staff just doesn’t GET it?

Are your clients not coming back as often as you would like?

Does your staff drive you crazy with questions?

Does your vision seem far out… Continue

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What's Your Money Mindset?

Fear is a natural and reasonable response to many things in life, like danger! Our brains are hard wired for the flight or fight response but often times we live in the “What If” fear and worry mode. This is anticipatory fear. While the flight or fight fear response can save our lives, the anticipatory fear just sabotages our dreams and lives. Most fears are nothing more than a state of mind – which we can change by just changing our thoughts. Now most of us come to this worry and fear state of… Continue

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10 Ways to Create Winning Ads

There are so many avenues of advertising to choose from nowadays, print, web, texting, TV, radio – the list is long and varied. The trick is to choose the right medium, have the right message and to make sure that your ROI – return on investment – is appropriate. Most business do not have the amount of money it takes to do image building advertising, which is advertising just for the sake of getting your company’s name out there. So make sure that you have an excellent call to action within a… Continue

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Are you OR your staff experiencing unfulfilled expectations?

Having an agreement with your staff will assist you in running your business more smoothly, lay out expectations clearly and protect both parties in the event of a problem or disagreement. Clarity around expectations also allows a staff member to better understand their job responsibilities and boundaries. Setting up a staff member for success in the beginning will save time and energy and give you a tool to manage their performance appropriately.

A contract should have some of the… Continue

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How Your Brand Affects Your Business

Branding is an important element for your business; it is the image that you present to the world. What type of image do you intend to present – a serious therapeutic and medically oriented style, more laid back and relaxed or perhaps elegant and elite? You can develop your brand from your business vision, your archetype style or just refine your current style into something more cohesive, definable and polished.

Whether you realize it or not your…


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8 Low and No Cost Ways to Market to Your Community

One quick way to add to your client database is go around to the businesses surrounding you and introduce yourself and offer a special rate to everyone that works there, or perhaps free aromatherapy with their sessions.

External marketing strategies to introduce your business to your community.…


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