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Are you OR your staff experiencing unfulfilled expectations?

Having an agreement with your staff will assist you in running your business more smoothly, lay out expectations clearly and protect both parties in the event of a problem or disagreement. Clarity around expectations also allows a staff member to better understand their job responsibilities and boundaries. Setting up a staff member for success in the beginning will save time and energy and give you a tool to manage their performance appropriately.

A contract should have some of the following elements and should state clearly that your policy and procedure manual is an addendum to the contract and that it is their responsibility to read it.

Contract Elements:

* Your company’s legal name and address
* Services to be provided and any boundaries around this such as not using your company name in their materials unless otherwise approved, your policy on working outside of the office and any other applicable item
* Dress Code
* Insurance – is it required for them to carry liability, or are they covered through your business
* Your client list policy
* All financial agreements – rate of pay, any deductions for loss of income to studio on therapists part
* Mediation or Arbitration clause
* If your state/country has a right to work statute

Your policy and procedures should have some of the following:

* Harassment policy
* Dating policy
* Grievance policy
* Formal termination process
* Raises
* Performance Appraisals

These are just a few items that will assist you in clearly communicating your expectations to staff. It will help you to be able to work with them towards the common goal of providing great client service so that you all will profit. The client will benefit from receiving treatments from an organization that is well run and smoothly functioning. Staff that understands their responsibilities leads to you having more time to work ON your business instead of IN it!

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Comment by Nurit Nardi on November 15, 2010 at 10:17am
Dear Shelene,

I am following up on your suggestion to contact you- looking forward to it--


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