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How often should I get a massage? One of the most frequently asked questions, with one of the most annoying answers. It depends.

Of course if money were no object, the answer would be, every day. While we have heard about the legendary stories of Bob and Dolores Hope receiving daily massage, and how he gave it credit for both their longevity and vitality, I am not acquainted with anyone personally who receives massage that regularly.

So it depends on why you are getting massage in the first place.

If you are using massage for general relaxation, a chance for a little time for yourself, a reward for a success in your life, as a gift from someone else or something to do on a vacation or just when you hurt, then an occasional massage may be perfect for you.

Using massage monthly can be effective for stress reduction, minor muscle tension and pain relief along with enhanced general well-being. And sometimes that is all a budget will allow even when we feel that more often would be better for us.

When massage therapy is used as a part of a wellness program or to address more complex health concerns more frequent use may be indicated. Massage therapy for health improvement and rehabilitation will require a treatment plan to address a specific need or area over a specified period of time. Typically, weekly appointments are recommended to insure that the benefits of the techniques used can produce the desired result. Because time is needed for the body to heal and integrate the changes necessary for recovery usually a session or two will not provide the relief you need.

Understanding that not all therapeutic massage sessions need to be 60 minutes in length, often times, short and intense sessions (30 to 45 minutes) can produce greater results, sometimes dividing an hour of massage into two sessions in one week for two or three weeks produces better results than a single hour massage therapy session.

Consulting with your Massage Therapist, discussing your massage needs and designing a program of care for yourself whether that is once in a while, once a month or more frequently to address a specific concern is a good place to start answering that question. How often should I get massage?

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