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How to keep track of your customer's Booking & Payment History.

Do you find it frustrating not being able to view a complete history of past and upcoming bookings for a customer? Would you love to see if a customer has any outstanding payments when viewing their profile? Would it be super useful if you could create or view an invoice in a single click straight from a customer’s booking?

We’ve solved all these problems for you, and more, with the introduction of our new Customer Booking and Payment History feature. With this feature comes a new ‘Bookings’ tab, which you’ll find in your customer profiles. It looks something like this:

With this new feature, you’ll be able to: 

1. View a complete booking and payment history for a specific date range.

2. Easily identify bookings with unpaid, partially paid or overdue invoices, which are marked with a red border.

3. Use the quick links to edit and cancel a booking.

4. View the status icon (confirmed, pending, completed, etc) and invoice payment status for each booking at a glance.

5. Click a booking in the table to view its details.

6 Quickly create or view an invoice when viewing the details of the booking.

What features you can expect to find here soon

This is just a basic version of what’s to come. We’ll continue to work on this area and roll out more features as they’re finished. Here’s an idea of what you can expect to find here soon:

  • Add notes and attachments to individual bookings to record progress – upload documents and images or enter your notes in directly.
  • Fillable SOAP notes template – fill in the template online and attach it to a customer’s booking so you can easily refer back to it later (great if you do any insurance billing). You will also be able to download and print the form for your own records.
  • Filter bookings in the table by location, service, service type, appointment type, service provider, past or upcoming booking, booking status, payment status, the user that made the booking.
  • Sort the order of bookings in the table by booking date, next booking, or cost.

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