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As recently as a few years ago, I use to think that any type of cranial work was just bull. Pseudoscience, and not real.  However, I don’t think that way any more.  Now I’m faced with people that think what I’m doing is bull.  You can literally take out myofascial pain almost anywhere on the body via the face and skull. Ya don’t have to believe me at all.

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Who says the cranial work is Bull?

We have been applying the concept to our unique acupressure technique all these time.  However, you have to know the hot points.

I wish you luck.

Gordon wrote: "I don’t think that way any more.  Now I’m faced with people that think what I’m doing is bull."

Please clarify for me Gordon. Do you believe that cranial work is an effective therapy just because it is dismissed as quackery as your own theories have been by some, or have you been trained in this modality and actually applied it with clinical success?

The two video links above demonstrate the cranial work that I discovered. Lots of people dismiss what I do. Of course they don’t know me, and have never met me. But what I’m doing is very effective. The medical docs and providers I work with know.
Just today, I had a patient with abdominal pain. Do to a hysterectomy, and chrones disease. Literally years of pain. Gone in seconds. She was shocked. Now how long will it last? We don’t know yet. I see her again later this week. But that was remarkable.

Sorry Gordon, I read into your post on the cranium, cranial-sacral therapy. Once I reread it after seeing your post, I realized you were talking about cranium work in general and not a specific therapy beyond the one you espouse above. I was actually pointing more towards CST and if you had applied it clinically. 

No, I’ve never used CST. I’ve studied it a bit. What I’m doing with the cranium is totally unrelated. It has nothing to do with a Cranial pulse, or manipulating sutures.

Two videos above?  where?

Sorry, Gordon.  I got them.

Interesting huh?

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