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I have discovered a set of hands on procedures, that I’m now calling, Holographic Acupressure. These procedures are truly revolutionary in scope and capabilities. Not only can you release almost any muscle you want painlessly and instantly, which is significant when it comes to Myofascial pain syndrome, and trigger points( 85% of all pain ). It’s also significant to seemingly unrelated problems such as Gastroesophageal reflux disease, otherwise known as Acid reflux, or chronic heartburn. It’s often times a problem of the LES muscle, as stated in the link below.

Read the statistics on GERD as well as my recent testimonial in the attachments below.

I’m starting to think about the best way to get my Holographic Acupressure out to the world. Any suggestions?

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I watched the video. No mistaking... Your technique is scarily close to what I saw a Japanese osteopath do at a clinic I visited in Tokyo many years ago. I don't know what the name of the modality is, but it's not new. I think you have independently stumbled onto something that's the same, or very similar.


I learned a lot from others, but then went on and developed techniques from there.   I still keep discovering new techniques.  This is a good example of my latest techniques.  I can now eliminate multiple trigger points at once.  There could be two or three trigger points under the palm of my hand.  Its really cool.  All that being said.  The procedures don’t work on everyone.  They work on almost anyone.  And once you understand the concept( seeing the body in a new way).  There is hardly a trigger point that can’t be eliminated.  I mean would Barns Myofascial release have worked as quickly as I was able to in the video below?  What about Active Release?  I’m not bragging.  Trust me.  Anyone can do this.  Once they understand the principles and concepts.

This interesting, and makes no sense.   I recently had a new patient that I was able to help dramatically. I will add his testimonial at the end of this comment.  He had shoulder pain. He came into the clinic to see the doctors.  The physician assistant that initially saw him suggested that he see me before he leaves the clinic.  Because he suspects a large myofascial component to his shoulder pain.  And if what I did helped, we would put a script in for manual therapy.  

When he first came into my room.  His forward flextion was about 90 degrees.  That’s raising his arm just parallel to the ground before the pain stopped him.  He had trigger points in all the right places.  All my releases worked.  And after a 20 minute session he had a 70% to 80% reduction in pain and 130 degree forward flextion. That’s dramatic enough for me to know that I can probably help him.  I recommend 15 minute sessions three times a week for two weeks.  That would show maximum results for this kind of therapy.  

So here is the weird deal about it.  His insurance company will pay for a rediculess number of massages, something like 50 or more, but only if he gets a chiropractic adjustment on the same day.  Now I work with an Osteopathic physician, and they do spinal manipulations.  But the insurance company said no, only an adjustment from a chiropractor.  Give me a break.  That’s so lame.  He is a patient in our clinic.  He wants to see me because I can help him.  So anyway I referred him to a chiropractor that’s an acquaintance of mine.  But the patient doesn’t know if he has time or even wants to get an adjustment on the same day.  But I talked him into trying it, might as well.  But in order to give my therapy the best chance I really need to see him two or three times a week.  Anyway unbelievable.  Now of course the chiropractor is going to have a treatment plain.  I don’t know what that could mean?  And if the chiropractor does some kind of physical therapy on him.  There is a very good chance that it will undo what I’m doing.  

People wonder why insurance is so expensive.  I always tell people that the insurance companies want everything to be expensive(no one believes me).  So expensive, that if you want treatment, you have to have insurance.  Well I will try to help the guy as much as I can.  But it’s kinda like swimming up stream.  

Here is his testimonial.

Correction.  Just found out the guy does not have to see a chiropractor at all.  But other insurance policies do require the massage be done on the same day as a chiropractic adjustment. 

Had a totally cool day today.  Every patient I interacted with today experienced dramatic results. I mean really dramatic results.  The one I’m going to talk about now was the least dramatic, because she only had this pain for a month or so.  The others have had years of pain. 

Her symptom was pain behind the eye, that was getting worse.  It was so bad that it kept her awake at night for a month. And she still felt it during the day.  She came into the clinic with it.  We have a new doctor in the clinic and he called me into the room.  After a brief visit the patient and I walked across the hall to my room.  It was so simple. Her eye pain completely and immediately vanished when I deactivated one trigger point.  

Here is her brief testimonial along with a picture of the trigger point that made her miserable for a month.  These people that keep telling me that trigger point aren’t real?  They are very real.

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