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Someone posted an article about foot pain and our staff and alumni responded.

Someone posted “What is the best modality for foot pain? Foot pain can exist in many areas, plantar surface, dorsal surface, deep, superficial, and can be caused by multiple factors. Which modality would you use to alleviate conditions of the feet?” I tried to find the article which was posted a week ago but it's been deleted. Anyhow, here's a few responses from some of the staff and alumni at ASIS, including a few NCMTBM CE providers here at ASIS.

This is from Wendy Hines,… Continue

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Movement as Medicine: Body Wisdom for Modern Times By Jamie McHugh, RSME

We live in exciting times. In the last 30 years, scientific knowledge of the human body has grown tremendously. Applications in the fields of bodywork, sports psychology and the somatic arts have similarly blossomed. You may not know many of these new developments in movement awareness and expression. Yet, it is worth the effort to find out about them as personal collaboration with your body is essential for ongoing health and well-being as you age.

Many of us are ignorant about our… Continue

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In the unforgettable words of Jack LaLanne, “. . . exercise is the king and nutrition is the queen.” He nailed that comparison. In life, as in the game of chess, Regina is much more influential than Rex.

Nutrition can compensate for sloth much better than exercise can overcome bad food. In today’s world, how much of which foods you put in your mouth determines roughly 60% of your level of health. Even the American Medical Association… Continue

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Craniosacral Therapy by Heidi Wilson

Describing what a craniosacral therapy session feels like is not easy. A recent client of mine said, “It feels like being in the womb of the world!” Words like “peaceful, relaxed, balanced, centered, free, calm” are often used to describe the experience of a session.

You might think of receiving craniosacral work for numerous types of symptoms or conditions. Headaches, low back pain, symptoms from injuries, recovery from surgeries, nervous system disorders, brain injuries, spinal… Continue

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Please Consider an EDU-VACATION with Fantastic Advanced Therapeutic Arts CE Courses at ASIS in beautiful Northern Arizona, near Sedona!

ASIS massage education is offering more diverse & stimulating classes this fall & summer. Look below for more information on the following classes at ASIS:

* Meridian Stretching and the Five Element Theory

* Clearing the Gates, The K.I.R.A.™ Headache Protocol, Part I & II

* Peri-Natal Massage: Conscious Touch and Ethical Practices for the Childbearing Year

* Health Secrets of the Lympatic System: Healing Your Life by Healing Your Lymph

* ASIS Beyond… Continue

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