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Please Consider an EDU-VACATION with Fantastic Advanced Therapeutic Arts CE Courses at ASIS in beautiful Northern Arizona, near Sedona!

ASIS massage education is offering more diverse & stimulating classes this fall & summer. Look below for more information on the following classes at ASIS:

* Meridian Stretching and the Five Element Theory
* Clearing the Gates, The K.I.R.A.™ Headache Protocol, Part I & II
* Peri-Natal Massage: Conscious Touch and Ethical Practices for the Childbearing Year
* Health Secrets of the Lympatic System: Healing Your Life by Healing Your Lymph
* ASIS Beyond the Table: Somatic Expression for Bodyworkers
* Rocking the Body: Effective, enjoyable and easy unwinding techniques for tissues along the kinetic chain
* Tui Na, Hand Techniques and Form
* Thomas Myers' "Anatomy Trains"
* Craniosacral: Riding the Wave, Touching Stillness, Level 1
* Transpersonal Somatic Therapy 1

Please see our web-site at for more details.

"Promoting Peace One Body at a Time." - ASIS Massage Education

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