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That's what we love about somatics exercises.  Quite often those counter-intuitive approaches ring true after we've experienced something for our self.


As an avid exerciser who overcame fibromyalgia only to have a sports injury take me out of the game, I had to make a complete paradigm shift to learn how simple, easy movement using the brain took me through the looking glass and allowed for an easy recovery.



When we differentiate a movement pattern... using one movement say in different relationships with gravity... we can facilitate our inner awareness.


Our brain and body thrives on novelty which is exactly what somatics exercises afford us.


As a systematic means to un-lock muscular stiffness and un-do muscular tension, we can regain mobility and rediscover natural flexibility via a brain/body process which is our natural birthright, mostly forgotten as we've aged.


Maybe that's why it's hard to wrap around our mind how easy, simple movement trumps exercise.


In order to move effectively, doesn't it make sense to rebuild the movement patterns first.  Afterwards we can exercise or just play joyfully and expressively with our body. 


Movement doesn't have to be arduous, unless of course, we're all stoved up, stiff and bent out of shape.


Simply moving well allows us to breathe easier... and in an online class you can experience... you'll learn how not breathing and differentiating our breath with movement can lead us to improved breathing and easier movement.


Who knew it could be so easy to better breathing and more exuberance in our body/brain.

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