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We all know a daily exercise workout plan helps improve the feelings of well-being but what do we do to first set up exercise in the first place?


We've been told to stretch or warm-up the muscles with a variety of methods.  Now we're learning how harmful stretching is in the ways most of were taught and many of us disdained anyway.


While on the other hand, healthy vertebrate animals know what to do.  They pandiculate instead.


Somatics exercises uses the pandicular process at its heart so we can naturally warm-up, reset, and ready the muscles for movement so things like exercise become pleasurable rather than exertion.


A simple 3 step process is all it takes to reset our muscles back to comfortable levels where the tension level is reduced.


Watch this video as I explain the key step.



If you'd care to learn more, please join me.


To un-do muscular stiffness, un-lock immobility and un-nerve the pain, we can un-exercise our way out of it with somatics exercises.

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