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With a number of stress relief methods to choose from, here is one which may be a little different from the rest.


Somatics exercises are unique in that they use the brain to change the signals the muscles are receiving.


In the animal world, we used to think animals stretch, but in fact the stretching we see is an act of pandiculation.


The heart of somatics exercises are systematized pandiculations where we learn how to reduce muscular stress and tension naturally using the brain's cortex through simple, easy movements.



Now of course, we can try to slide across a wooden table for fun, but will that provide us with stress relief?


Hardly.  Yet we can use simple, easy movement to release "held" states of contraction so movement becomes easy and effortless.


In fact, you can find out for yourself by joining our online class for stress relief.


All you have to do is lie back, listen and follow along... and feel how stress instantly dissolves.


Your muscles will love it when stress relief is made easy and natural.

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