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What's it take to be Fit Over 50.

Well, I had this dream of bringing together some of the top athletes over 50 on a phone call together.

I wanted to interview them on how YOU can use their techniques to enjoy whatever activities you're engaged in.

I've used their strategies to win some gold and silver medals at the Washington State Senior Games and U.S. National Soccer Veteran's Cup (Being a former fibromyalgia patient, now 14+ pain free years, I no longer need a hot tub nor have any muscular stiffness or immobility issues).

But I wanted to go deeper, and invite you to learn with me at no cost.

Of course, everyone said I was crazy - that the all those successful athletes would never get on the call together.

(Especially since I didn't want to charge you anything to access it)

SO HERE'S WHAT I PULLED OFF! and I'm inviting you to listen!

..... Tuesday, November 15th as I host a call with:

Don McGrath, Phd., the author of of "50 Athletes Over 50" and creator of "The 21 Day, 7 Habits Program".

To REGISTER for the Call:

blog post photo

Many of these athletes have discovered what works best as we age.

Be ready to here what you can use on an open call that you can access at no-cost just
because you're most likely a motivated person and just because you're looking for
ways to improve your health and games you play or want to play.

What do the successful athletes have to say about...
• The mindset it takes to have lasting success
• The specific techniques to use and when
• How to remain injury free
• What to do when injured
• a Hot tub no one is even talking about, yet!

Go to the link above FOR CALL TIME and to register for this call.

I was told I should charge you $500 to attend the call.

But no way. I'm committed to bringing you value that no else could match.

(Though honesty, I'll probably charge a good deal for the call replay in the future, so hop live at no cost).

This is going to be rockin'... the way us 50 year olds still can.

Hope you'll join us.

Eduardo Barrera
Hanna Somatic Educator
Divorce Counselor for Stretching

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