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  • Massage Therapy Podcasts

    87 members Latest Activity: Aug 15, 2016 The goal of this group is to share existing podcasts related to our Massage field. Come and share with the rest. Thank you!

  • New Jersey Mutual Referral Network

    23 members Latest Activity: Feb 20, 2015 Many practitioners in New Jersey are either solo or part of a small business. This group will link therapists who may need to refer or ask help from…

  • X Kinetic

    9 members Latest Activity: Jul 13, 2012 Transform your massage table into a complete super-gym!

  • Alliance of Massage Therapists

    60 members Latest Activity: Jul 12, 2017 This group is being formed to bring all body-workers together to share and learn from one another. By coming together we will bring our industry to a…

  • Cruise Ship Massage Therapists

    49 members Latest Activity: Nov 25, 2013 This is a group for Massage Therapists who want to connect with other seafarers, share information, and discuss their experiences in the cruise ship…

  • Neuromuscular Reeducation

    31 members Latest Activity: Aug 7, 2020 A place for people practicing or interested in SugiTouch, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and other movement specialties. The AMA defines it as a…

  • Massage Establishment Owners

    112 members Latest Activity: Aug 1, 2017 This group will discuss massage aspects from the owners viewpoint and try to give ideas on how to save money and activities concerning therapists.

  • Active Isolated Stretching

    133 members Latest Activity: Aug 15, 2018 Active Isolated Stretching was developed by Aaron Mattes 40 years ago. This group is being formed to bring more awareness to his body of work and to…

  • Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge

    101 members Latest Activity: Jul 27, 2015 This is a place for public discussion of Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge issues in an open forum

  • Massage Therapy Instructors

    104 members Latest Activity: Aug 15, 2016 This group is for those Licensed Massage Therapists who selflessly give their time, energy and skill to instructing students of all ages the benefits…

  • Car Accidents and Whiplash

    42 members Latest Activity: Apr 11, 2013 This group will open the space for personal and professional experiences relating to MVA & whiplash

  • Massage And Breast Cancer and breast health issues

    95 members Latest Activity: Aug 15, 2018 As an instructor and a breast cancer survivor I would like to offer my expertise as well as learn and have discussions about other people's…

  • Couples Massage

    39 members Latest Activity: Jan 14, 2012 The purpose of this group is to network and to discuss Couples Massage

  • Ashiatsu

    38 members Latest Activity: Aug 7, 2020 All things Ashiatsu. Can't beat the feet!

  • Massage Educators

    323 members Latest Activity: Jun 2, 2016 The purpose of this group is to invite massage educators to network and dialogue regarding issues related to massage therapy education.

  • Delaware Massge Professionals

    11 members Latest Activity: Feb 10, 2014 Group for massage professionals and body workers to connect.

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